New members wanted!



This is still a small town, but is steady growing. We are looking for more members.
All levels welcome. All countries are also welcome.

This town will be great someday. We are here to grow and live our lives in Peace. If push come to shove we will defend ourselves with the best there is. We also have our own alliance (Mystic Crossing).
Few Rules:
Do not attack fellow town members.
Always give an helping hand.
Help those that needs help.
Building of the town is required.
Deposit to the towns treasury is a must for a better town. (any amount there is no limit)
You must be active. All I ask is min. 3 times a week.

This is also for new players (newbies) to learn and grow with this town. All members should help the new players and member of this community. There is a town forum for those that want to share their ideas, tips for game play and much more.

Message me here or in game... Riverbrook


My user name is Bigwolf925. I just started playing this game today. I read in the forums that everyone needs a Builder class, so I made one. He's only level 5, but like I said, I'm new here. I would like to join your town.