New Medals Guide (!Spoiler Alert!)

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I really didn't understand it until you did that post. Now I understand!


just add as in statistics are different numbers, for walking you have to have 5000, donkey 10k and quarter h. 20k :)


Those are the numbers on the first page, so people can easily track in statistics how much they walked and how far they are from getting the medal.


Okay, I guess I'm a noob but...... I don't have any medals showing for me. I have received achievements for :
Adventurer Set
Construction Worker
Trainee Builder
and others yet I have no medals to show for it.


Are you FREAKING kidding me? I have been like a kid in a candy store waiting for my medals to show up and now its like dad telling me I only get to look at the candy.....thats it ......I'm going to my room.:huh::eek::mad: lolol
Thanks for answering Jakkals.

BTW, have you heard or read any thoughts about bringing them back?
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Its more like you wanted mentos chewy dragees(coca-cola:my favorite) and your dad brought you licquorice. Meaning all the medals you mentioned is some kind of achievement and for some you will get a box other money other xp. I think its a better system and there is achievements points you can brag with until elmyr squashes your dreams :( jk lol :) So no I doubt they will bring them back. I also dont think there is much demand with the goodies associated with achievements for medals.


Hi, are medals and achievements the same? I won one duel but didn't get the medal. I completed 10 quest but didn't get the medal.


Oversight, more than likely. Now that you've mentioned it, I'm sure it'll be gone in the next update or two.



The medal box is not gone yet.....I think some things may be done to change this situation. Also on the the text isn't fully shown in English ( in the game I mean). It is combined with German. I think that the moderators of this game have to to something to change this unpleasant situation.


And this is not where you should point out errors or suggest changes. That's why we have the Ideas section.
This thread is obsolete now. Closed!
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