New job locations


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Interestingly enough they are COMPLETELY different. It just so happens the jobs from my completed quests now surround me, and everything else is miles away. I just want to know if people on this world like the new locations or if you hate them too.


I am happy with the new job locations but I like to travel a lot as I am a dueler. We also have constructing a ranch near our town which is really nice for our builders.

If you don't like your town's surrounding area then maybe you should come on over to sutters mill


Some of my favorite jobs are just hours away but I did get constructing a ranch house 10 minutes away for good exp and buildin coffins just 2 minutes away for good money.


I have alot of new jobs very close by my town so i am very happy with new locations


my jobs moved from the LEFT of my town to the RIGHT of it

with the exception of 1 of them that got sent like 50 miles away