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I saw on 2 different servers this competition between players on the RO (one competion) and DE server(one competition) i think, dont remmeber anyway the second server, but that's not important.
A lot of players joined this competition bla bla.
Anyway lets explain the rules, 2 teams, medium forts or big forts(if you ask me, medium better), , the 2 teams are separete in 2 towns. so Like 100 members and 100 members.
Level cap, if you ask me i will put 99-100(old west) and not 150, but i think people can vote to have 150 too.
IFBC bonus at the start( xp, money , luck bla bla bla ) for some days , portion with 25% experience to be levle 100/150.
-We have 20 battles, every team defend 10 times and attack 10, so in total 20 battles for each Town.( after 5 battles, 1 free day, so 24 days total+5-10 days prior to that)
-No special items, no special sets, just items from Tailor, Gunsmith, General store (or mission, ex Maria scarf from Charlie). No shiny sabre, colt or gun, but you can obtain the first version of them, golden sabre, colt,gun, and i will add bob dalton horse and saddle,black bart horse saddle and deadwood dick horse and saddle for every member because no horse and saddle are good, so this will be ok, no op damage or other things.
-Premium activated, i think everyone can activate from 15 nuggets he/she receive for log in.
-3 Potion of new begining for every player. In shop just a few items(ex: guarana, mate tea, life juice, soap water,and other motivation, health, energy buffs without ff buff, duel buff)
-Duel protection 24 hours.
-Lvl 1 upgrade, no level 2,3,4,5 etc, so you can updagre your clothes , guns just at level 1.
-Craft activated, but you can not trade the craft items(market off), so you need to choose wisely, because you can use just your craft items.
-You need 18 battles to receive prizes(see below prizes), you can not obtain prizes if you dont listen to battle leader or you come in bad clothes.
-You can duel other town.
-Online presence its not mandatory
-Only 1 account, no bad words etc
-People that get banned will not get the rewards
-2 admins should be in town, 1 in a town, and the other one in the other town, but they should not play, they just initiate attacks


To not favorite damagers or tanks i think about this.
I will put for every class something.

We take the first 10 damagers, after that we go to random organisation, put the 10 damagers in, and Random we will receive number 1 2 3.

1 300nuggets
2. 200 nuggets
3. 100 nuggets

Next we will take top 10 dodges from soldiers and we do the same like above, next 10 top dodges workers, and we do the same as above, and next we do top 10 ghost and do the same as above.
The winner town receive 200 bonds for every member, the losing town 100 bonds.

Every player that it s online more than 15 battles Will be put în Random Orgs, and The selected 1 2 3 Will receive:

1. 1 Chests from 2020-2021events without DOTD 2021 + old avatar
2. 1 Chest from 2020-2021events without DOTD 2021
3. 1K bonds

The prizes can not be received in the new server. (Las Vegas)

So we will have people motivated all the time to be online, to play by the rules, to listen to leader and to have great battles.

The time i will start the event on January(7-10 January start date), the death month when nothing happens in TW. The battle hours, i think between 9:30 and 10:30 ST , depends where people want , i saw that in Colorado the best FF hour when people are online its between 10 and 10:30 PM ST.

The random thing should do by the GM/ Admins.

We can put other rules too, but i think the one that i listed above should be in.

If others server can, i think we can too.

PS: i think the tower bonus should be lower a little because we will play without premium/event sets.
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I like this. Like you said, Darku, January is always a bit of a dead month on TW. Whether that's post-Christmas blues or the lack of events, who knows. Either way, I think this could be a good way to spark up some interest. Will be nice to only be able to use the old sets too - should be a throwback for some of the older players about.


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Lets change this from

Every player that have more than 15 battles online will put in randon organisation, and random, the first 1 2 3 will reiceve.
1. El gringo guns
2. El gringo clothes
3. El gringo horse and saddle

to this

1. 1 Chests from 2020-2021events without DOTD 2021 + old avatar
2. 1 Chest from 2020-2021events without DOTD 2021
3. 1K bonds


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This is a good idea, and would mix ancient and milenial the-west nicely :-D
Is it done in an existing world or will there be a separate world? *I never joined IFBC or see one in action, so i don't know how it goes there.

coz i think it would be quite a work to change settings here and there (I see those are a deep one (market off, equipment restrictions)) in an existing one, even just for a few days.

a nice one.

Harriet Oleson

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Personally I like the idea : battles without sets worth millions and bringing huge gaps between players could be really interesting to play. But I think there are problems in the rules :
- 2 admins in 2 towns to dig 20 battles and to handle 5 rankings among 200 contestants : when I see the difficulties to have a few awesomia battles, I'm a bit pessimistic about this lol. Better chances for this to happen if rules were simplified.
- rewards for onliners : it can be good for national servers but for .net it's more complicated cause we are not all in the same time slot. Still to compare to awesomia, even when players can never be online between 20h-23h, they can still win the prize; here they won't have any chance to participate to this ranking at all.
- individual rankings seem conflictual with the town rewards : leaders instructions can be contradictory to individual stats when for example we are asked to block a sector with almost no LoS. While it can be necessary for a win, it can be unfair for individual ranking in a contest. Leaders can even take advantage of that cause they often command who should take point (and so : who may have a lot of dodges), still for example. In the end, with both types of reward systems and without possibility to disobey commands, that could easily lead to some abuses or unfair situations ...

If it was only a win/lose reward system, there wouldn't be these problems. Same if it was only individual ranking rewards. But for this, 1- it'd be a bit chaotic (ie without real will to win, everyone playing only for stats), and 2- class character aren't in battle reports, so admin would have to use specific external scripts to handle class character rankings.

I'm surprised if this works in other servers with both types of rankings at the same time. But maybe you added the individual ranking parts, Darkuletzz ? Maybe even all the prizes parts ? Because you wrote "To not favorite damagers or tanks i think about this. I will put for every class something." as if it wasn't like this in other servers.


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You can read again. I said that for every player he/she will receive 200 bonds(winners) 100 bonds(losers)
You can now win The awards for more than 15 online battles that is
1. Chest 2020 2021 plus old avatar
2. Chest 2020 2021
3. 1000 bonds.

Thats why i said IT will be a random from top 10 damagers, top 10 ghost*, top 10 dodges by soldier, top 10 dodges by workers.
If we select just top 3 and Will not be random, people Will play for themselves. Even if you are online you can win The prizes without The only prizes for online presence.
Admins should be în Town to dig at that hour(depends witch hour Will be selecte by all players) . Leaders can be grey hats în Town. You dont need to be general în def.
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Harriet Oleson

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Well yes ... that's exactly what I've understood though. Maybe I didn't express myself correctly if you think I haven't understood that ... But whatever. Good luck with your idea !

[edit : I think it's because of this point you have an opinion different from mine :
"If we select just top 3 and Will not be random, people Will play for themselves." -> for me, as long as you have to be in top ten, you have to play for stats even if there's a random choice afterwards among the 10 ... Stil imo, the random choice limit the thing cause no need to be precisely number 1, 2, 3, but it's still a choice among top ranking players. That doesn't change the bottom of problems mentioned above. ]
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Yes. But just The net server(200 players) And The prizes to be random from top 10 for each class. If you select just 1 2 3, everyone Will play for themselves. And upgrade level 1 restriction.


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Yes. But just The net server(200 players) And The prizes to be random from top 10 for each class. If you select just 1 2 3, everyone Will play for themselves. And upgrade level 1 restriction.
Hmm, I'm kinda skeptical about the 200 players limit though.
On one hand, all different players gathered across NET world would most likely fill (or even overfill) this quota. [*since merging all the worlds are in mopst players' interest to fix problem of lacking players.]. So, even getting in would be tough since all are onliners fighting for a place :-D and those with good gears and popularity would always have priority. And as we know, fort battle with only onliners in it is a battle every FFers dreamed of, a local IFBC (LFBC?)!! :-D

On the other hand, the event being in a prime time only would exclude anyone who can't wake up during that span of hours. So, they can only hear the news and watch a replay? but yeah varying the time would make it worse i think lol. But i guess, one can always have a choice to have an all-nighter for this battle, only if there's a certain reward available just for participating.

Maybe I'd like to hear about how the registering would be with such time limit. Since ranking takes time (which would be important as everyone are onliners with their own role and move priority). And the battle itself takes time until it's over.


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^Check Last words opened and how many people play there. A lot of clothes mult accounts. I dont see more than 250 players to get inside this event.
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I don't play in the new world, and so many others i believe. So, I wouldn't put new world as the sole basis to get active player numbers. And I say, those offies players we see in the regular battle, could maybe trying to be online on this one, since the event is very interesting. At least I would :-D
Gotta pull a statistic for that, so can't say any more.

And multis are the issue of its own :-D

Either way, the test is needed to see the actual participation. and before that this need to be approved first.

Good luck


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Not sure if it has something to do with how the thread should meet the guidelines.
Then again, nobody flag any new random threads as a spam as stated in the guidelines :-D


The West Team
Thank you for your suggestion :).

Whilst we may or may not answer to all suggestions and request here on the forum, we can assure you that everything is read :). Giving a yes or no answer on your suggestion is difficult as various factors have to be considered before implementing such a speed world. :)