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New fort fighting ranking system


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So, as a part-time leader, I always stumbled across some problems when ranking people. That's why people nowadays revolve to ranking onliners as captains and whatever else works for offliners. I kept thinking of a solution with the ranking system in its current state, but it just doesn't seem possible.

THIS IS MY PERSONAL RANKING SYSTEM RIGHT NOW...I am always open to suggestions/criticism if correctly formulated and respectful.

So, in my opinion, the correct ranking system right now, would be this:

-Heavy damagers and some sorta hp heavy hitters (like people who have lv3 weapons with some mixed build) GET CAPTAIN - (as a personal preference, I rank those mentioned captain even if they are offline...AND I AM WELL AWARE THAT: THEY TAKE POINT AS OFFLINERS AND BLOCK ONLINERS, WHICH IS THE ACTUAL PROBLEM. but, the fact that they shoot advents first, is way more important for me. and experienced duelers know how to start to not die when offline)
That also applies for some people that are always at every battle and I trust their movement, although if they don't have lots of leadership in their build, they will still be blocked by full LD builds

-Rest of the people like online advents and online soldiers get sergeant...

-Actual offline tanks get private

-People that are not present at battles and have some weird build/gear would be reservists or left unranked

So now, I bolded that issue for everyone to see - at least that's what always made me pull my hairs out.


The solution is: the so-called "Beefmeister's invisible ranking system" - i would trademark that:D
This system comes together with the current system. So, we would have 2 ranking systems, together.

This would be a new set of ranks, basically the same system. General, captain, sergeant, private, recruit, reservist, traitor.
BUT, the difference is, a low opacity logo for every rank, some different movement and shooting privileges.
The current ranking system would remain to be used for ONLINERS ONLY.
This new ranking system would be used for OFFLINERS ONLY.

How this would work out:

For example: you rank an offline dueler as an invisible captain, he would have the same shooting privileges as a normal captain.
The invisible offline captain would get blocked by the online tank ranked as a normal sergeant. Same for the other ranks. This will ALWAYS work as one invisible rank being blocked by 1 rank lower equivalent of the onliner ranks (ie: invis, offline captain being blocked by normal, online sergeant)

So the movement order would be like this - by my rank system:

Captain - Sergeant - INVI Captain, Private, INVI Sergeant...etc (or could just remove other ranks from the game since they would become useless with this ranking system)

The shooting order would be like this:
Captain/INVI Captain - Sergeant/INVI Sergeant - Private/INVI Private, etc... basically same shooting privileges for INVI ranks as normal ranks. only the movement is different

AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAND, ladies and gentlemen

We remove the grey hats general ranks in attack, we keep them only for black hats. and then...we add this one

Special battle leader rank - only the digger. Same movement as generals, same shooting rights. The difference is he can remove general ranks. (this would facilitate movement and shooting)

It is an extremely easy thing to implement and would diversify the movement for fort fighters A LOT. Would make the job way more easier for leaders that are already in a very small number...god bless em.
With that being said, please, state your opinion, your suggestions, go ahead and bash me...whatever you wanna do, just write it here because I want to read it.

Have a great day
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