New crafting window layout


The West Team
A new layout of the crafting window, with some added functionality.

Current Workaround
Use the current window.

I would like to propose a rework of the crafting screen to provide better usability and some added functions. A mockup of my idea can be found as a visual aid, I suggest you open it before reading further and use it as a reference.

At the top of the window you'll have the search bar, your current leveling progress and a filter button.
The search functionality currently only applies to recipe names, I would like to have this extended to also include materials and finished products.
Clicking on the filter button will open a popup window where you can choose one or more filters, one filter to only show items for which you have the required materials, and one to only show items that have a chance to give you a crafting point. They can obviously be combined to only show items that you can craft right now and can give a crafting point.

Below that there will be a list of items, colour coded using the current system (yellow/orange, green and grey). The list will be sorted in descending order based on the required crafting level to learn the recipes. After the recipe name, there can be a number indicating the amount of items you can craft, the current system requires you to open the recipe and do math, this would be a lot quicker.

Finally, at the bottom, you will have a window that will (after selecting a recipe) show the product to be crafted, the materials, an option to select the amount of items you want to craft and a crafting button.
The amount of items can be chosen through the use of 4 buttons (minimum, 1 less, 1 more and maximum) or you can fill in the number in the field yourself. The amount of a specific material that is required will also change, for example from 100/1 to 100/50 when the amount you want to craft goes from 1 to 50.

Abuse Prevention
Can't be abused.

Visual Aids

A new layout of the crafting window, with some added functionality.

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With crafting improvements on the developers' scope for this year, It would be a perfect time to implement some changes to the crafting UI too. Great idea and proposal, looks both more functional and easier to use than what we have currently, and especially the option to craft multiple products gets a huge thumbs up from me.

Needs more purple though.

Gandalf Greyhame

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I love this. The streak of bad luck errors would be resolved entirely, it looks better, and it's much more intuitive. Definitely a large plus from me.


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I've stopped caring about Crafting. It's too ridiculous to level up in. I only make chopping boards now for the UPBs.

But I agree with lulumcnoomb, needs more purple.



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I vote for it too! :)
Too many times I am crafting lots of things at once and I get the Streak of bad luck message. :hmf:

Felix the Hunter

Thumbs up, I like it. The visuals are great, maybe an idea to also be able to sort on alphabeth in stead on crafting level.

When crafting multiple items at once (which I like very very much), is it then still possible to double craft items and with the same chance? Because now the dice will roll for each crafting event... i think the calculation should stay like it is now.


The West Team
That is the idea, yes. It would work the same as crafting the items individually, just with 1 click instead of a sore index finger.

As for the sorting alphabetically option, would that be to easily find the recipe you're looking for? The search function would already serve that purposed, wouldn't it?

Mr. Trickerfinger

Nice work, you got my wote

But while wee making this upgrade, why not let the craft scanning you inventory to count allready crafted off the particular buff, retuning the number in the courne off the buff like it does with you products...