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Open up new crafting profession when reaching 650 Crafting Points.

Current Workaround
None. When reaching 650 cp there is no challenge regarding crafting anymore.

When reaching 650 cp as for example being a Field Cook, there is not much left to do except make some buffs like Gentleman's Dinners for people. It would be nice if when that happens, a player can choose a second crafting profession when having 'mastered' the first one.
Current mastered tier would stay intact, and in this example the player can of course choose from either Tonic Peddler, Blacksmith or Saddle Master as his/her second tier. After choosing the other (two) will be closed of course.
When he or she would eventually master the second tier as well, and reach 650 again, he or she can choose from the last two professions etc. Eventually one can master all four crafting professions like that.

Abuse Prevention
No loopholes or abuse possible that I am aware of.

Visual Aids
No visual aids would be required I think. It would probably require an extra tab-page at the crafting page but I doubt a screenshot or picture is required for it.
Edit :

(In here for example Yellow could be 'mastered', green 'current', and grey the undone professions, just like the crafting itself. Just an example of how it could work)

Opening up a second crafting profession after finishing one I think this has several benefits for players :
- After reaching level 650, crafters will still have a challenge on another profession;
- For the ones that made the 'wrong' choice they can go another way. Like true Fort Fighters that on second thought prefer to make FF buffs, they can become Blacksmith;
- People that have not been able to reach for example their 250 green recipes achievement, they get a chance to still get it (might be considered a loophole, but not to me tbh).
- Personally I don't see any cons.

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Yes, even though both 650 ideas aren't ideal. Enough ideas submitted will show them we want something at 650, though AFAIK only one person is there on .net, Fafer. My highest is still only 646.


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Yes from me as well of course.
And I do need to correct you Elmyr, I have 650 cp as well so that makes at least 2 :)


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no from me .
crafting is unrewarding hell and I only leveled it up because i'm a completionist.
if anything needs multiclassing its the character classes , to make the exp relevant .

Cat Marshall

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Just cause crafting is "unrewarding" to you DanteNightroad, doesn't mean it is to everyone else. You have the option of -not- crafting. Why say others should not have the possibility available to them if they desire it.


we are atleast 3 at 650 then, I`m out of work atm on colorado.... :cool: yes here! :)


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