New christmas quest - impossible???


70 mins for me to go,wonder what the reward will be,my guess is a skill increase :)

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uhm,why so big requirments? its quite bad because many players who started just playng,never cant do it by week unless ur not nolifer,so please bit lower requirments for doing the event :)
If you save up a little and buy one of those checked shirts its easy


You received the following reward:
+ 1 skill point towards Vigor

And I was hoping for a fancy cotton jacket.


We have to wait for the next one who will finish the quest to see if the reward is the same for everyone


i got +1 vigor on w1 and w2
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I got a skill point for Vigor as well.
Hm. :huh:

Also this is just the December quest. The Christmas one is on the 24th and 25th.