New christmas quest - impossible???

Discussion in 'Questions & Guides' started by jimmy6446, Dec 22, 2008.

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  1. jimmy6446

    jimmy6446 Guest

    I have just looked at the new quest to get 4 pieces of wood in 3 hours and it seems extremily hard to do because i only get 1 piece of wood for every 2 hours i cut trees.:mad:
  2. CarlCCF

    CarlCCF Guest

    You don't need to get 4 woods in 3 hours, it's 4 woods AND 3 hours working.
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  3. jimmy6446

    jimmy6446 Guest

    Does that mean at least 3 hours working to get them. I'm confused.
  4. Epsilon

    Epsilon Guest

    You need to have 4 pieces of wood and work 3 hours cutting trees after accepting the quest. If you already have the wood, that's fine - just go cut trees for 3 hours.
  5. tribmick

    tribmick Guest

    you just need 4 pieces of wood AND work 3 hours cutting trees.u don't have to get no pieces of wood during 3 hours work,u can get it later by some other job,just need 4 pieces and have 3 hours work cutting trees done :)
  6. jimmy6446

    jimmy6446 Guest

    oh right. i dont have any wood yet though.
  7. kroesus

    kroesus Guest

    It looks like it is favoring the labor class with premium though.
  8. One Armed Ninja

    One Armed Ninja Well-Known Member

    Sep 19, 2008
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    lucky me i have about 60 pieces in my inventory :D
    Just got to do the time now...
  9. Teodoros

    Teodoros Guest

    Is it possible to have 60 pieces in our inventory?
    I'm asking because it says "Stackable: 20 items"
  10. MisterGadilf

    MisterGadilf Well-Known Member

    Oct 16, 2008
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    3 stacks of 20 = ????????????
  11. Teodoros

    Teodoros Guest

    I says "Stackable 20 items" when you pass your mouse over wood item in your inventory.
  12. jimmy6446

    jimmy6446 Guest

    does anyone have any idea on what you'll recieve after finishing the quest?
  13. Cooto3s

    Cooto3s Guest

    Yes, you can stack 20 pieces of wood together, but you can have several stacks of wood in your inventory. That is, 3 stacks of wood = 60 wood
  14. Teodoros

    Teodoros Guest

    Thanks Cooto3s, i didn't knew this :)
    And i guess, this is the same and for all the other items in our inventory, right?
  15. Teodoros

    Teodoros Guest

    We have to wait the 1rst who will finish the quest :)
  16. whboone

    whboone Guest

    i doubt anyone knows what you receive yet since the quest is only been available for a couple hours

    dang teo beat me too it lol
  17. Cowboy3

    Cowboy3 Guest

    has anyone finished the quest already?
  18. Morthy

    Morthy Guest

    The reward should be different for everyone.
  19. Teodoros

    Teodoros Guest

    Will be like a christmas gift :)
    People...start praying at Sanda :D
  20. AxzikEst

    AxzikEst Guest


    uhm,why so big requirments? its quite bad because many players who started just playng,never cant do it by week unless ur not nolifer,so please bit lower requirments for doing the event :)