New administration in Route 66-Recruiting


I want to encourage any players that are looking for a town to come to Route 66-Recruiting. We are a fully built town, offering the top of the line in goods in our shops as well as secure storage of your funds in our town bank. We are reorganizing at this time, and there are many opportunities that will be available in the new administration. Message Prudhomme for an invitation. Come out and get in on the ground floor of something really spectacular!


ok, i need to comment but i have nothing neither mean, stupid, funny, or nice to say. so all you get is this message. sorry man.:sad:


I wish you guys luck! I see you guy's in fort fights. You guys seam like a good active town with from what I see no real enemies! Good job and keep up the great work!


we are under new management player lalandra is now in charge :)