Neo gone for good :D


i have to leave w1 and im soon deleting all myaccounts for the purpose of real life concentration.
im studying to become a pilot and im ending up spending way too much time on this game!!!
lol, no i dont do drugs! I stopped a year ago!
so farewell to yall on w1


Good Luck neo, I hope you learn to pilot better than, your ability to win a argument ;)


I had the same dream as you when I was younger, become a pilot :eek:hmy:

But now? Meh.


Good luck. :)

Why not just put your accounts on the vacation setting though? Learning to fly certainly takes effort, but it's more about getting hours in the air then hitting the books. You can still play casually, as many people fly casually.
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ill keep w10 but i think w1 will go.
thanks all for your letters in game its awesome to see how many people do actually care, thanx for the support and sorry to let you down.
you can always find me on 10 ill be popping in there every so often to check how many wins(incoming attacks) there has been...
as for you OAN u r an awesome player friend and enemy, im sure having you on MC side on w10 would make w10 into a w1...


If that's the case, then Neo is not only shot at by losers, but in the same light, judged as awesome. :D


all the very best neo, pity that you quitting w-1 afterall its most of us first world..
hope you do good in ur exams.


good luck IRL.

becoming a pilot sounds like an intensive training which would take a lot of time :)