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Discussion in 'Development Discussions' started by Belle Starr Colt, Jan 29, 2011.

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Should additional named fort weapons be added?

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  1. Adding a poll to this idea for 2 weeks to get feedback if this idea should be sent to the developers as is for consideration to add to the game at some point. Requires 80% pass rating.
    no more modifications can be made to this post for 2 weeks.

    ~Good Feather~

    Ideas Form

    For some time I've monitored the development of individual weapons we have in the game... We have a large ammount of dueling weapons firearms and melee weapons, but there is a shortage in fort guns.

    I'm suggesting to add a few more fort weapons in game. We could also have some named ones just like the firearms and melee weapons....

    Details & Visual Aids
    Here are some suggestions:

    - Annie Oakley's Winchester


    - Wild Bill's Sharps Rifle


    - Doc Holliday's Colt Shotgun


    Those are just suggestions... many named guns can be added and also the damage , prices and bonuses should be properly classified among others. I'm just posting here to see if you like the idea, or you think we have enough fort weapons.

    Does this idea meet the Ideas Guidelines & Criteria? Yes
    Does this idea appear on any of the Previously Suggested Ideas List? No
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  2. JonOfTheWest

    JonOfTheWest Well-Known Member

    Aug 1, 2010
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    I like the idea and the Visuals but would they actually implement it? Perhaps.. They definitely need to make more variety in fort weapons.

    Posted at 19:19... I keep hitting this number and 20:20 what's up? lol
  3. Cedricsilva

    Cedricsilva Guest

    Yeah i agree

    We need more FORT GUNS , diferent DMG stats ( i dont speack about better Dmg Guns )

    Only more of them :D
  4. snarker

    snarker Guest

    nice but these weapons should be fort fight skill orientated
    there should also be a couple that can be available through quest's the same as belle's starr and Hernando's
  5. JayTeeKay

    JayTeeKay Member

    Nov 21, 2010
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    Great idea Belle :D But one question will it have any bonus or extra damage over the regular weapon type?

    Annie Oakley's Winchester > precise winchester
  6. herbie49

    herbie49 Guest

    Great idea, I would like to see more fort weapons.
  7. If you ask me I'd add some special bonuses... like 6 aim, 6 dodging or something simmilar...

    General Custer's battlefield gun should have like 10 leadership I guess.... ;)

    But after Little Big Horn it get's -10 leadership.... if you finish the quest little big horn it gets -10 leadership, but if you leave it unfinished you don't get XP, but gun has +10 leadership... simmilar to hernando quest.... but it should be some soldier's quest....
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  8. JonOfTheWest

    JonOfTheWest Well-Known Member

    Aug 1, 2010
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    It would definitely be interesting to see fort weapons with some + Skills on them. I don't count Death's Scythe as anything other than a Stat Stick but to see a fort weapon with +6 Aim & +6 Dodge or +10 Leadership would be awesome!

    Of course we couldn't make these very easy to find, but how would it fair against the Golden Gun? You can't have these weapons be better than the infamous Golden Gun!

  9. Yes I agree... they shouldn't be to easy to find or get... I'd also suggest that weapons for higher levels... I've bought my precise winchester at lvl 72, becuse of the soldiers premium bonus... and in last 20 levels no other guns available... if I made an exception for golden gun.... Now we have highest level 120, so there are no guns avaiblable for almost 50 levels for soldiers....
  10. Cedricsilva

    Cedricsilva Guest

    Well as i said in my reply , with that + skills would be great

    and the diference about GOLDEN GUN and the best fort gun ( normal ) there is a huge diferense soo in this space they could make other weapons

    or make a worst weapon but with this + skills ( will be harder for us know what weapon could be better )
  11. JonOfTheWest

    JonOfTheWest Well-Known Member

    Aug 1, 2010
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    Indeed, being able to get Precise Winchester at level 78 and then having nothing after that other than the Golden Gun which many will never get sucks. There's 42 levels there of nothing and we definitely need something to be there so people don't get bored with their Winchesters.
  12. Threeson

    Threeson Guest

    Nice idea. I think it would be helpful, especially as the Precise Winchester can be used only 2/3 of the way up the leveling ladder since 1.3

    Now the picky amateur Old West arms historian (me ;)) has a few small comments that those of you who don't care about authenticity are free to skip.

    Is that .22 in the first pic indeed a Winchester, or is it a Marlin or some other make? And either way, that seems to be a mirror image of the actual rifle. And that model isn't an Old West vintage rifle.

    Do we have any evidence that Wild Bill Hickock ever used a Sharps rifle? He very well may have, but his skill was more with the pistol. On the other hand, Billy Dixon was famous for his skill with his .50 caliber Sharps rifle, knocking a hostile Indian off his horse at a reputed 1532 yards in the battle of Adobe Walls. His rifle must have had a longer barrel than the carbine pictured.

    And did Doc Holliday use a Colt shotgun? If I remember correctly, it was of a different make. (And I don't mean what he used in a movie; I remember reading something by people who make a business out of knowing things like that.)

    But I like your idea. + overall. And your arms/pictures are at least as historically accurate as some of those Innogames has given us so far.
  13. Darth Maul 2

    Darth Maul 2 Guest

    I like it. There should be some fort guns that can be more of an equivalent to golden gun. As I have said after a year or more/less the golden guns will dominate the high level players in the old worlds.
  14. WCisGod

    WCisGod Guest

    That Oakley rifle picture looks like a Marlin. Annie Oakley did use a Model 1891 Marlin often.. but I've never seen a picture of her holding anything but a gun with a straight grip. That gun has a pistol grip on it.

    Wild Bill Hickok did own and use a sharps 50.. but if you are going to name a rifle after Wild Bill Hickok you may as well use the rifle he was buried with as it was probably his favorite. A Springfield Military Carbine Model 1870 modified with a Kentucky Rifle breech.


    Doc Holliday is famous for using a sawed off .10 gauge Meteor shotgun at the OK Corral.. but that wasn't his gun. The shotgun belonged to Virgil Earp and he gave it to Holliday to hide under his coat.. Doc Holliday HATED shotguns and according to Stuart Lake's Wyatt Earp, Frontier Marshal, Wyatt states, "Doc Holliday never carried a sawed-off shotgun into a fight but once in his life and upon this one occasion (the Tombstone gunfight) he threw the gun down in disgust after firing one shot and jerked the nickel-plated Colt's which was for years his favorite weapon."

    Holliday hated shotguns. He was a smallish man and hated the shotgun's kick. His weapons of choice were his nickel-plated .41 caliber Colt Thunderer and .38 caliber Colt Lightning double action revolvers Model 1877. To name a shotgun in his name would be completely unrealistic IMO.

    If you wanted to give Oakley the Marlin and Hickok the Springfield.. as Threeson said, Dixon was famous for his use of the Sharps .50... and to get the Winchester in there... Geronimo's weapon of choice was the Winchester Model 1876. He surrendered it at Ft. Bowie in Arizona ending the American Indian War in the Southwest... and it's now on display at the North American Indian Museum in Washington D.C. - also gets us more Indian related items in the game :).

    That would give us...
    Annie Oakley's Marlin
    Wild Bill's Springfield
    Dixon's Sharps
    Geronimo's Winchester

    should be enough nice fort guns to fill the current gap.
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  15. iwatchhotfuzz

    iwatchhotfuzz Well-Known Member

    Jul 29, 2009
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    Good idea in fairness, as an avid fort fighter I would love to see new weapons introduced (through quests + fort drops). The damage doesnt have to be anything extraordinarly greater than the precise counter parts but I would like to see similiar bonuses to the golden rifle or stat bonuses such as health, leadership etc.
  16. TJ Tuttle

    TJ Tuttle Well-Known Member

    Feb 24, 2010
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    additional fort guns with a proportional level requirement and damage increase using the same ratio as used now for the present fort guns would be great for the new higher levels.

    But as far as new "named fort weapons" giving bonus's, etc, trying to make the the equal of the golden be fair about it they should only be acquired through quests of an equal or greater difficulty to the one that is required to get the golden gun.

    Otherwise all you have done is nerfed the folden gun just like the golden revolver and golden saber did the other named weapons.
  17. Threeson

    Threeson Guest

    I read that Geronimo surrendered a Marlin, I think an 1881, but possibly an 1883. Of course, my information could be wrong.

    Nice work.
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  18. Good Feather

    Good Feather Well-Known Member

    Sep 27, 2009
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    I liked the fact you left off any skills or damage points or bonuses.

    Leave that to the developers to figure out what is fair for a weapon.

    I like the visual aids and to me that the concept is enough to show the developers we want additional named fort weapons to drop or be quested for.

    5 stars from me as is. Dont change or go adding stats at all.
  19. ZiMt

    ZiMt Member

    Jan 30, 2011
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    0 it...give me that Anns Winchester..;)
  20. thandor10

    thandor10 Guest

    nice idea as i dont think i will find key 3 for the gold fort gun
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