Mysterious Potion


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I really don't know if this has been discussed but I have a question. As I am a pure dueler (10% motivation), I would like to know if this item is used best when I am at the lowest dueling motivation, i.e. 10%. Or it does take off most of dueling experience if I am at 100% dueling motivation.

Also tip me if I can add "[item=51871000]" as a picture in forums? Yay, my first post :D

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Pankreas PorFavor

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This potion has nothing to do with dueling motivation.
You duel and collect duel experience that determines your duel level. a lot of duel experience = high duel level. hopefully you know how DL works.
when you want to decrease your duel level you can start losing duels to lose duel experience, and you can also use the Mysterious potion. this will take away 10% of your accumulated duel experience and lower your duel level. it will not impact your duel ranking, just your duel level.