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It was the wild west.
I was hungry and ragged dressed.

I was afraid. I was alone.
I looked towards a town hoping for a home.

I was no-one, not a soul.
I sold my labor for meager dole.

Today I was hungry, had traveled far.
Looking towards the western star.

I was afraid. I was alone.
Into town I must roam.

Would they kill me.
Would I go to jail.
All I had was labor to sell.

Tonight I would sleep on the ground.
Outside of town. Afraid of every sound.

In the morning I would rise.
Into town I with trades to ply.


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I found a job tanning skin.
Its dirty work but gets me in.

Its far away. I must walk
To the crows, alone l talk.

I found the job at the saloon.
It said be there by noon.

Its early morn. The sun is high.
My water is low. I could die.

Crows circle above my head.
Waiting for me to be dead.

The ground is dry and cracked.
My lips are pulling back.

Its hard to breath each step a chore.
I think I'm lost

I think I'm lost. Which way to go.


I found the job but I'm to late
Till the morn I must wait.

This is good I will get some rest.
I work hard. I'm the best.

I sleep but sleep is rare.
I feel a rock under my derriere.

I feel the cold. Its 3 am.
I hear the wolfs. I hear the den.

Sleep. Sleep wonderful Sleep.

I feel damp. I'm getting wet.
Sleeping on the ground I regret.

I sleep.

Its 4:30 am. Time to get up.
I am not happy. Why cant I be rich!?

I look towards the sunrise.
Wait there is no sunrise.
I know the time because Its damp.
Everything is damp. My balls are damp

Everything is wet.
Sleeping on the ground I regret.


My first day at work.
My boss is jerk.

I must work fast.
No delay or a cut in pay.

I work all day covered in blood and fat.
All the time wondering where's the money at?

8, 10, 12 hours a day.
I have yet to see a pay.

Each night he sais: "I will see you in the morn"
At least he lets me sleep in the barn.

10 day without pay.
I ask; "please without delay"

At night his wife brings me stew.
I think of the things I would do.

She is pretty and fair with long flowing brown hair.

How long has it been.