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My contest entry - Game 2


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Henry danced with Maya (two syllables) (Couples; Henry and Maya)
Scarlett danced with Seth (both names start with the letter S) (Couples; Scarlett and Seth)
John danced with Bella (opposite genders) (Couples; John and Bella)
Calvin danced with Ms. Anderson (opposite genders) (Couples; Calvin and Ms. Anderson)


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Final Answer:

This means that the couples will be following:

Scarlett and Seth (Group A, Group B,both start with the letter S and are opposite genders)
Henry and Ms. Anderson (Group A, Group B, opposite genders henry doesn't dance with Bella meaning Ms. Anderson is the only option)
John and Bella (Group A, Group B, opposite genders only option)
Maya and Calvin (calvin consists of 2 syllables meaning Group A, Group B, only option, including both are opposite genders)