my city, my live! (foto)



View from the window


Bascetboll )))


The car of my brother


My house

Black Jack

It snowed over here in Las Vegas just the other day.

Worst possible thing to start off your morning - dodging snowballs thrown by the neighborhood mistakes.... er, children. Then having to look at the smug faces of their parents who couldn't keep a stuffed animal chained up much less their own kin, smiling as if their little bundles of joy were the most precious things in the world.

(This street will be painted red if I stay here any longer).

Black Jack

whoa, whoa, calm down there pistol!

It seems like the only good responses I get nowadays are copy-pasted from my own posts. Though, I wasn't exactly posting angrily.

Have I really reached such an untouchable level? Is this it for me? Is this the end of the road? Is there nothing left for me to achieve here?

Jake Is Your Deity

I want to go to New York at Christmas. You are so lucky you live there at this time of year.


Hopefully it's gonna be nice and warm here Down Under for christmas


Lay out a photo of the cities! It is interesting to me)) :):):)

Russia, Samara staff, a city тольятти

the Masked Mole man

There's a good chance I'd be one of those snowballing kids... a 1.95m one with a scruffy beard... but still... come get some! XD

<--- loves snow! Best part of winter.


Tell all the USA has covered with snow, how are you doing in Lonodone? Have felt Russian winter?