P&P Multis again?


Anarchy... You forgot their pearl of wisdom... "Bulk up and get GGs... Go to more fort battles".

As for leadership, since I have been thrown the "leader" role so many times... I'm not leading fort battles anymore. In fact, I'm not going to the one today either. There's no point. People don't listen anyways... Why lead a few faithful peeps to their deaths while the hiders sit back and get all the glory (chests, cash, xp)? Nah... I'm done.
Yes, that describes their attitude perfectly....

I've leaded a few, and i'm not nearly as good for you, thats why i feel better with you around ;)
There will always be people that doesnt give a *ahem, no point in being annoyed about that...

Galen M

Anarchy... You forgot their pearl of wisdom... "Bulk up and get GGs... Go to more fort battles".
Not sure why you keep repeating that meme; no one from our end knows where it came from, and it's certainly never been our policy. Who said that to you? Assuming someone from our side actually said it, it was most like an offhand remark taken out of context.


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Well... Other than the many times we've heard it in the in-game county chat... Here are the few I found in the forums... Still wanna deny it?


If MC is so worried about there ability to win fort battles then do something about it. Have your members go get GG's. Have some members reskill to tanks. Get all the players/ towns more active in fort battles - or else kick them & recruit active players.


We're just responding to all the complaining we're hearing that ya'll don't have enough tanks anymore. If you want them, build them.


Also, can i thank Vic for MC suddenly regaining the ability to defend forts? For all the talk of "we won't change to compete with you", i've noticed a few people over there fattening up and getting GGs. I appreciate it. To be serious for a moment, ya'll scared me with all your talk of giving up and boycotting, etc. I'm glad it wasn't true.


I really don't see the massive difference in our HP to a week ago, apart from 1 player respeccing and gaining a couple of tanks from Shadow Walkers. But you might be right about that, just that I haven't noticed more than 1 or 2 people gaining more HP. But really you have almost 400 more people than us, surely there are 5 or so that care enough about your previous domination of forts to respec and be a tank for the team?

Oh and btw...

Total members in the Coalition: 630
Total members in the The Project: 512

And the majority of those within the Project are built as (or building to be) fort fighters.

Broken record time...

The Project gathered all the main fort fighting towns to dominate the server... leaving the Coalition to scramble the remaining non-fort fighters into an attempt to save their forts. The Coalition used to have 900+ members after the GC/FFU merged with them... Now down by 300 members....

Time again to say "we told you so"... again... falling on deaf Project ears.


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@ Helenback

What will happen more and more people with just leave the server or even the game when they arent enjoying themselves and having fun then w10 will be end not even be able to fill a large fb. Where is the fun after that its called dueling :D


Sad thing is, w10 was probably the best fort fighting world, free of all of hp nonsense, till the fellas "balanced" things up...

Miss B Have

"nice troll, but no cigar"

You need to work on your trolling skills Ducky...

Sadly for you it's not possible to use your nuggets to move skill points to improve your trolling :cool:
- I know, I know... it really sucks when you can't pay for your improvements, oh well, for once you will just have to learn something the old fashion way :razz: