Multi Account Server


How many people would want to have multiple accounts on the west? My personal opinion I think a multi account server would be a good thing let people build multiple accounts and be able to do more of a variety of things like have there own dueller and construction worker something that they could build and have some fun doing it'd be good for the people who like gaming on a higher level. who all agrees with this?
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That's why there's multiple worlds, I'd expect. You can be a different thing on each world. I don't think multi accounts should be allowed, they'd exacerbate the pay-to-win model. One player who's willing to drop huge amounts of nuggets on one character would probably do it again.


No I don't think multi account severs would be good for this game as the game will get even easier for these players with multi accounts. You can end up having 1 main account while the other accounts keep sending items, buffs to the main account. You can create 5 different dueler accounts and keep repeatedly dueling the same player every 1 hour. Your Social interaction within the game will diminish or reduce a lot due you to trying to handle 5,10,15 accounts at the same time which can consume a lot of time aswell and can get awfully challenging. If you spend rl money on sets the market will be useless for you as you can simply send set items to other accounts so for these reasons it's best if we don't have multi account servers.
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