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If you had said most stupid thread ever; I'd have given the title to the oodles of marriage threads.


This should be moved, or deleted.

Not really the section for it. is it? ;)


Well I can see your point. I put it here because it's perfectly reasonable to have an idiotic idea in off-topic. The really daft ideas crop up here.
Although it is a bit borderline, it's not actually on the list of ideas not to discuss - unlike most of the stuff here.


i dont think its a most sutpid post of the week its just most stupid things people say in general like "we should make a bunch more money and not get duelled" or " i want to get married so i can get more stuff and pretend to have a girlfriend"


But it's the way they say it. As if it's a really good idea when all they want to do is get some great bonus without working for it or play a COMPLETELY different game or just get a girlfriend. It's the desperation that's funny.


Too true. The marriage one's especially. The way they say "Me and my girlfriend both play the game and want to be married on it".

Stop making women up!


I miss those really timelessly daft ones:

The Animals one was a particular favourite.
Marriage is also good for a laugh.
Also the thinly disguised attempts to turn this into a sword and sorcery game.
Then there's the 'i just got duelled and i'm going to cry!' ones

Waiting for the next.....

"I have absolutely nothing against duelling but it is cold-blooded murder by lowlife degenerate scum who should be banned. I also have a great idea that is not anti-duelling at all whereby duels can only take place on full moons if the dueller takes all his clothes off and writes to me two weeks in advance to ask my permission. For gods sake we need this in the interests of balance otherwise myself and all my friends will quit the game and throw our toys out of the pram.


I vote this one

Just to let everyone know; I really don't have the time anymore.
I was planning on quitting already but I came back because of all this MadAlice drama.

I have realized though that my reasons were good, I just have too much work IRL. Hence, I can no longer to afford to spend time on this game (or any other for that matter). My account has been deleted.

BTW, as a sideeffect, John (thejohndoe) stayed in the game simply because I requested him to, since he was going to be my dueling buddy on w5. As I quit, he has also quit, as he was planning to several weeks ago. He has given back control of Midgrins town (as I requested) back to the old mayor in the town and has deleted his account.

Do not try to telegram me in game, you won't get a response, I can't log in anymore. I wish everyone the best of luck in the game.

Greg, just as a personal message for you; I do not believe you're really a 'bad' person, but I would have to say that you are 'misguided'. If you ever can get over your ego in an online world, please give back control of San Jose to kroesus, he is much more worthy to lead it than you are.

None of you will see me IG in any world anymore, nor on skype.
I enjoyed this game a lot, but sometimes, real life does get in the way, and it is more important.

Wishing you all the best of luck. Keep trekking :)


oh YES that was toecurling sincerity!

It's not you it's me darling, we must think of the children, more in sadness than in anger, goodbye cruel world! as if we all know about the terrible events he's referring to.....priceless!
That definitely gets my vote and perhaps......perhaps.....a tear of remorse for the love that once was but is no more..........


When I read about the update, I thought it said we would get a new, easier way to deposit money. Has this happened? What's the new way? It still seems like I have to walk all the way back to my town to make a deposit.

Subtle, seemingly reasonable, attempt to completely prevent duelling without anyone noticing. Nice try!


Quality find Talamere. I love how people think anyone will care when they leave the game.

We won't! Nobody remembers anyone who left the game after a bit of time has passed.

And Ulthor, to be fair to Bambi Swallows (The most bestiality-like name I've seen on here so far....) that was posted in the questions forums, not the ideas one.


You have to be really famous if you want yourself to be remembered for time s to come.
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Like me?

I'm joking. I think the game / forum needs to get a little more old before you'll start remembering people. Though, that said the group I am with I'd remember!


I just wanted to quote her really. I wonder what her porn name is?; Mavis Blenkinsop probably.

A bit off the topic but did like this quote; "Do NOT try to lecture me about Aztec society"!
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