Mountain Dell


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Tired of the crowded east? Join us in the west, we're currently 28 members, having a large fort.
This is the town if you love dueling!

Contact tolshortte or Mean Little Girl in-game for recruitment
Founded 9th of May.

Mountain Dell Post:
Fastest growing town west of Dell River, and the largest town in the county!
Town Hall: 10
Residences: 10
Bank: 10
Hotel: 5
Gunsmith: 15
Tailor: 10
General store: 10

Map location <<<click here
Store items. <<<click here
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Mountain Dell is also looking for High Experienced Duelers. We now have a lvl 15 Gunsmith (with Precise Buntline and Precise Peacmaker)

Currently Allied with the Longreach Township and Rapidly Expanding.

Money Makers and Builders are also welcome for Fort Building and Supplying Money to the Fort.

Mountain Dell DOES NOT require donations, there is no tax we offer protection to our citizens and have the Church of No Love Strike Force to Ensure Retribution.
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If you think it's more fun to join a smaller town, you can join our sistertown Dell River.

Michael Brady

Joining either town would be a great honor!! I have dealt with these towns are they sem to me to be a great addition to W8! Especially Kubbe and TheBradley. Extremely nice folks
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Now that there is peace between Fort Jaxon & the Dell's Let me say that Kubbe as a leader is unlike any others.
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MD is the place to be. fighting is what we live for :)
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Mean Little Girl

as a town we offer a friendly and active community. the forums offer plenty of up to date info about current events and battles.

Our goal as a town it to try and make the game fun again for everyone involved and to progress together. many ppl here enjoy the relaxed pvp which has broken the common stale game play of either peace or war as the only two options for pvp.

the Church of NO LOVE offers players a little extra not common among many cities. it helps players get together for orginized pvp and team like enviorment. also some of the perks we offer at the Church are a sense of commitment to those within and a Ventrilio channel for live chat for those equiped to do so.

If this holds any intrest, Please direct any questions toward Tolshortte or myself if he is unable to make a timely response.

also id like to take a moment and salute all those who have made this game a fun experience.

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