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Discussion in 'Development Discussions' started by Hilarion, Aug 13, 2010.

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Shall the below idea: Showing of Robbed/Stolen money be considered?

Poll closed Aug 29, 2010.
  1. Yes, give me the info

    72 vote(s)
  2. No, doesn't need it.

    25 vote(s)
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  1. Hilarion

    Hilarion Guest

    Another idea,and a simple one.In the character menu,you can find how many duels you lost and won.My idea is to implement "a counter" on wich all players including yourself can see how much money did you get through dueling.(not the random dueling,but dueling real players)and also how much money you lost.

    Current Workaround
    Nothing special,just duel and earn/or lose.xD

    Robbed money:1000 $-the Dollar sign must be implemented!
    Lost money:200$
    Everytime you win a duel,you get money or you dont.That value is memorised into "the counter"

    Abuse Prevention
    I guess none..xD

    Visual Aids

    [​IMG]-Thanks Vulturas for the pic.xD

    Well this could be like a rank.It would show some of the best money makers through dueling and it would make The West more fun.
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  2. JoxerTM

    JoxerTM Guest

    Absolutely YES to this one!
    Let's finally kill the urban legend that the dueling money earner got billions from builders and not from nonworker class premium users.

    5 stars.
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  3. Hilarion

    Hilarion Guest

    Spank you Joxer.I certainly must take a note of this thread,where Joxer The Mighty finally gives me 5 star rating--xD
    Joking,haha,dont worry.XD
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  4. b00k

    b00k Guest

    Your thread is going to get geschlossened, you didn't follow the guidelines.

    It will actually be fun to know how much cash dueling brings, though cash is so easy to find I wouldn't really care.
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  5. Hilarion

    Hilarion Guest

    Great,I'm going to see what to edit..xD
    But please dont make me post any pics...xD
  6. yago06

    yago06 Guest

    I agree and finally Joxer has given 5 star!!! This is going to my sig
  7. CanonRebelz

    CanonRebelz Guest

    What is the big whoop about Joxer giving 5 stars to something. Who is he again?
  8. yago06

    yago06 Guest

    Hes a ida commentor who never gives more than 3 stars. 99% of the time just 1 star
  9. Vulturas

    Vulturas Guest

    this guy is the ultimate critic regarding ideas, if they don't pass through joker, they'll never pass. I know the feeling of not passing ,_,

    Anyway... YES YES YES! TRIPPLE YESH FOR THAT! Show how much money I've lost Q.Q heh lol, love the idea anyway!:D

    and ow...hilarion...make danger warnings bigger
    Fresh out the press
    PS: when's your birthday? So I know when Imma get some free PS lessons for you T.T
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  10. JoxerTM

    JoxerTM Guest

    Ppl get serious and please don't spam. I'm just an ordinary player who is not afraid to post an opinion on something. Some will hate me for that, some won't.

    Besides this is not the first idea that I thought it really might be handy and IMO deserved 5 stars, for example this one:

    Anyway... Thanks. ;)
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  11. msingh

    msingh Well-Known Member

    Dec 26, 2009
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    another useless thing to add to game. not needed maybe a something like this in ranking but not on players profile because lets be realistic and in the west will anyone that they lost $4556 in a duel, no maybe the winner will brag about it but not the loser. so let the picture in attachment do the talking.

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  12. Vulturas

    Vulturas Guest

    nice idea, money loss/win ranking!:O
  13. Hilarion

    Hilarion Guest

    Joxer as he sead is just an ordinary player who wishes to speak his mind and not be afraid of it.But besides that he's a contributive member of this Forum who brings new ideas and opinions making this game better.For that all members like himself must be respected for what they do.
    Now,to get back on the topic,CanonRebelz please stake out your opinion on this idea if you already haven't.We will leave judging members for offtopic.:) ;)
  14. Vulturas

    Vulturas Guest

    I ain't that bad T.T
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  15. eliel007

    eliel007 Guest

    This idea gets my vote.
  16. Good Feather

    Good Feather Well-Known Member

    Sep 27, 2009
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    Looks good enough for a vote.

    You will have a 14 days for vote
    Yes/No vote - must have 80 % of the vote to pass.
    If it passes goes to the developers for consideration
    If it fails it goes to the never to be discussed list, or unless a Mod is PM'd to reopen it.
  17. Vulturas

    Vulturas Guest

    yesh! I got the first vote! YESH!*yep*
  18. Ice Hawk

    Ice Hawk Guest

    I don't see the point of this. I vote no.
  19. yago06

    yago06 Guest

    I wouldn't hurt though. Its braggin rights and a new highscore - lowscore list
  20. Vulturas

    Vulturas Guest

    mean, and this was one easy idea T.T
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