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It is working for me. Places the icons under "The West" header. Maybe your browser version is too old? Or you have somehow excluded the page from the Greasemonkey Settings?


Anyone having any trouble with the armor set script occasionally blanking since the last update?


Ive got two building shortcut scripts now. One working (Lower right), One isnt (under The West logo)

EDIT: Actually both are working, But the upper one is gray, while I can still click/use it


Anyone having any trouble with the armor set script occasionally blanking since the last update?
Something changed in the last grease monkey.

My combo for selecting clothes is empty.
I managed to work with sets like this - create a new list in my inventory.
Then the combo for changing the clothes fills up and I can change clothes from it.

But this works until I reload the page. Then the combo on the right is empty again. A bit annoying :)

I was able to find the previous version of greasemonkey so I removed the
new one and installed the old one again. Everything works as before :)
That is a good temporary solution for me :)

Edit: Here is a link to the version from February:
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Yes, the problem was with GM. It loaded my script too fast, so the informations needed to fill the list up was missing at that moment. I've added the waiting for the page to load. You can update your Wardrobe script from it's page ...


Thank you Puli - updated again Greasemonkey to the latest version,
updated your script too - everything works great as before :)


the wardrobe is covered up with then new can't see it.


Yay! Updated the script and it works AWESOMELY!! Better than before imho! For anyone who hasn't updated it yet go here and just install again.


Puli, you rock!

1st time i am using any kind of scripts in TheWest and yours have been very helpful.

We don't fully appreciate your good work until much later in the game when one find himself with a gazillion inventory items and 10 billion uncompleted quests LOL

Thanks for the good work.
5 stars + green Rep !

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