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Montana - Contest!

Clever Hans

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and 3 weeks time to earn bonds and $ for christmas sale. and most likely the chance to do any of the Halloween quests since we won't have the crafting level, products, etc. :roll:

Exactly... I wonder if this is a pure incompetence from Innogames or it is intentional since they hope that less bond letters from Dotd event will somehow increase the income from Christmas sale...


Might even be due to the speed world which is still 'under maintenance'..
Nevertheless, as mentioned by Hans and Bob, we have even less chance to gather bonds ánd to obtain 140k flowers in the loteria without buying the remaining flowers at the end.

Inno, if you have messed up, let us know instead of making a fool out of yourself not communicating ;)

1Big Chief

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Can't believe how WHINEY people can be over a few hours .. for another new world
The Majority of us couldn't care less for another world... 1021 and counting

On the other hand... they want to get in "1st" .. lead the way / challenge on once more
So take it as a blessing INNO ... they are your Die Hard Fans :lol: