Money disappearing

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On World 1 I left a town yesterday and had over 2,000 in my account. And had to wait 2 hours before joining another one. I went to bed in the new one with all my money ready to sort it out, putting some into the bank and do some building this morning. The trouble there is when I put it on a few minutes ago all I had was 159. Alot has gone somewhere but where.


So $1841 has gone missing?

Okay, checklist...

1. You could've been KO'd during work.
Not possible, since you would've lost all your money, and emptied your job queue.

2. A dueler KO'd you.
Again, not possible, because you were either asleep or not part of a town when you lost the money.

3. A dueler or many took most of the money from you.
AGAIN, not possible for reasons outlined above.

4. You had to use money for a quest.
Not likely, what quest would require $1841 exactly?

5. You purchased an item by accident.
This isn't really likely either, but it's the most likely of all.
No single item costs $1841 exactly, so you might've bought multiple items by accident.

Can you check your inventory?
There might be a couple of items in there that you lost the money on.
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None of that. I left the old town did 2 jobs nothing else, and then went to bed in the new town. It was smaller than the one I had come from so there was nothing to buy. I was going to do alot of building but alas no money to do it.


There's an idea.
Maybe you put it in the town treasury?

...Wait, no...then you'd still be able to build.

I'll check other threads like this and see if there's an explaination.
...No, there isn't. Not that I can see in the first few pages.

Have you sent in a support ticket yet?
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Go here.
Then follow the directions.

Also, you can reach that page from 'Support' on the main page of The West.

Step 1. Enter your game username and password.
Step 2. Select 'english' and 'west' from the drop down boxes.
Step 3. Enter your game username and password again (weird).
It should be self-explainatory from there.
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