Modified Tombolas for New Worlds


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Modify tombolas to reduce the impact on new worlds.

Current Workaround

Half the fun of starting a new character in a new world is the progression. The excitement of coming into a new world and getting that fancy new shirt in your tailor providing you with a couple more skill points to be able to do a quest, farm a product for crafting, or maybe give you a slight PvP edge in dueling or fort battles. This experience is ruined by the frequency of events and the amount of skill points on gear given by events.

Using the current sets and looking at Idaho as the example, we have two main aspects of the game effected.
1. Fort battles (Zapata's + Joaquin's)
There is a clear divide between the have's and have not's. Players with Zapata set have 400+ resistance and can tank 250+ shots simply for the fact that most other player's weapons don't deal enough damage at low levels to counter it. The only ones capable of countering that resistance are duelers and those with the other set, Joaquin's which is the other must-have set this event for fort battles. Overall, this decreases the quality of battles as the outcome is heavily dependent on which side has more people with ludicrous amounts of stats and resistance/damage that can stomp out those who have yet to complete a set. It doesn't matter if a player's skill points are in FF skills or not, simply having this set will catapult a player miles ahead of any players skilled for forts without these sets.​

2. Jobbing (Dead Hawk's)
Once you have unlocked Dead Hawk's set, every job is unlocked. High level, center of the map jobs that were once a long-term goal by proper allocation of skill points and gearing are now unlocked by simply collecting enough flowers. It doesn't matter if you are pure HP, you can still do any job on the map. The current state of the game is that skill allocations do not matter one bit.​

The fact of the matter is we have events and tombolas less than a month apart, this is a separate issue which I won't get into... but what this means for the game is that within a month of any server start, there will be an event and that event will provide the best in slot gear for one or more tasks by a substantial margin. It would be ideal if no events were run for some time at the start of the server, however I don't think any of us are naive enough to expect inno to sacrifice the new server revenue influx in favour of the game experience. One suggestion from a friend of mine is to instead offer older sets as tombola rewards (natty, docs, etc.) to still provide inno with the additional revenue from new worlds, but also preserve the integrity of the game during the growth of new worlds. I think this is a reasonable solution as it still provides premium sets for players to buy and get an edge in new worlds, but the sets offered do not ruin the experience for the player or other competing players on the server.

It's too late for Idaho now, but for the sake of any future servers - please hear us out on this. If not the solution discussed above, considered another alternative to the current state of new worlds. We want to be able to enjoy the game how it is designed by grinding our way up in levels, unlocking new gear, and having a sense of pride and accomplishment with our progression. We do not want the experience of new worlds lost due to level based sets unlocking every possible job or being the only viable option for PvP fort battles or duels.

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This idea will benefit the community and the longevity of the game by allowing the game to be experienced as designed during the infancy of new servers.

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Bucksnort Hawkins

Unfortunately, Mr. Jarograv you have identified a specific revenue stream that is really quite intentional. The lure of the Dead Hawk set for instance lured many to spring for a few nuggets. This is especially true if they didn't have just enough flowers to get to the end. At that's just the people that were trying to not spend nuggets (as it's been for awhile). The timing of launching new worlds is very carefully planned to coincide with events. It's at those times too when there's a real need to race ahead in XP for fort fighting. It's too much of a temptation for most to abstain.

Pankreas PorFavor

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The timing of launching new worlds is very carefully planned to coincide with events.

New Year. Valentine's Day. Easter. Independence Day. Oktoberfest. Day of the Dead. 6 tombolas in a year. I don't think that it needs any planning to align the start of a new world with an event, let alone "very carefully plan" them ;)
But I agree with what you're all saying - Inno will always place revenue in front of the game experience :(