Modern RP


It will belike this its a modern war RP. Here is the units you can choose:


75th Ranger regiment.

160 Special Operations Aviation Regiment. (SOAR)


Taliban fighters.


The Rangers will have weapons that the US use no costom weapons or non US issued weapons. they will have basic equipment like the camel for water and a hand held radio for comunications on the uper left chest.
The SOAR uses the weapons on their aircraft.

The Afgans will have whatever weapons they find exept the Mujahadeen who we helped by giving weapons to push back the Russians in the 1980s.

Basic rules no god moding and no spam.

This takes place October 2010 so use modern equipment.

You will have to make your character with this.
(the US has the colt 45 as a side arm so just choose the primary weapon)
(You can only have 2. Stealth, CQC, Marksman, Leader, Demolitions


just tell me if im missing somthing and thanks for helping.

Name:Jose Martinez
Specialty:CQC, Leader
Rank:staff sergant
Faction:75th ranger regiment
Bio:after 9-11 Jose joined the army and made a carreer out of it and in 2003 became a ranger and he loved to care for others which was a natural skill and a skill for leaders which his leaders saw in him quickly.
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Name: Muhhamad Selvski
Age: 18
Weapons: SVD-Dragunov
Rank: Corporal
Faction: Taliban
Bio: Forced to join the taliban at age 14, Muhammad was well trained in Long Range Combat. He says life is tough in the taliban, but its what he was born for.


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Name:Roy Donnelly
Weapons: Colt 45
Rank: Lieutenant
Faction: SOAR
Bio: Roy joined the SOAR at the age of 19.He quickly rose through the ranks to Lieutenant of the 160 SOAR Regiment.He speciality of leading his fellow pilots is something not many leaders in his Regiment have.He was part of the attack on Baghad.
"Roy, are you there, I repeat are you still there?!" roared a voice in his radio.
"Sir, I am still airborne, I just encountered some AA Batteries.I thought I was going down, but they're a terrible shot" replied Roy who just regained his controlled breathing several seconds ago.
"Ok, Roy, I want you continue the push, but towards the mountains due west to you.There are hostiles there that we need out of here.They are in co-ordinates 7-1-9-5.Send in the HSM's and then move towards the troopers with the Chinooks.Do you copy?"
"I copy, Over & Out!" Roy barked into the microphone in his gear."Okay men, we're moving to co-ordinates 7-1-9-5 to take out some troublesome hostiles.We are then moving towards the troopers, so Chinook Pilots, keep out of the AA's range, approximately 297 KM Altitude while we engage the hostiles.Over & Out!"

Several replies from his pilots indicated they were still following orders.That was good, he didn't want any mutinous fighters.As he closed in on hostiles he felt his aircraft shake and his grip on the controls slipped and one second later he was flying straight down into the mountainside.


Martinez and his 12 men were anxisously waiting for the word to get ready. some praying some smoking and some talking. They knew eachother for 3 years in the 2nd battalion 75th ranger regiment. They had the mind set that their the best since basic. Martinez has fought in wars around the world in South America and Asia he has seen everything that he can in the Rangers and has made a career out of it.

The chopper pilot said over the com system in his helmet. "Were 5 klicks from the LZ get ready back there." The men loaded their weapons and Martinez pshed the clip in his M16 and put a round into the chamber.He clicked the saftey off with his thumb and readied himself.With the men hoping RPG would'nt get a lucky shot on them. Or for them unlucky. the back ramp was opening and the pilot said. "1 klick get ready to unload troopers."


Roy tried as hard as he could to pull out of the dive, and finnaly managed to just skim off the Mountains 23 Feet higher than the mountain he was flying into.He banked left to re-join his squadron as he picked something up on his radar.He noticed a blink coming very fast at him via radar and looked up and noticed a AA gun platform aiming at him.He climbed steeply to get out of the range of the AA Gun, but his Right Wing was damaged beyond repair, and was threatening to blow off.He was taught how to fly a plane with only one wing, but he never thought it would be of any use.As he swerved behind one of the Chinooks he noticed that his Squadron of Fighters were gaining speed and lenghtening the distance between the Chinooks and themselves.He barked into his com "Would you idiots stop flying at top speed and keep in order, or do I have to get the General after you lot!".Immediately the fighters returned back to order and as he regained his postion in the /\ formation he saw a look of scorn & spite from his Second-In-Command.Obviously he was the one who brought them forward, thinking he was smart, but leaving Chinooks vulnerable and risking the mission.Roy is going to have a word with him when they land next.