Moderators: PLEASE make ghosting a "thing"


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In the spirit of this section's name, I have a brainfart/idea. I'm willing to bet I'm not the 100th...maybe not the 500th to come up with it. But I need to get this off my chest as I approach my 600th fort battle over the last 17 months. I am asking the moderators to please consider this very simple request: Please make ghosting a "thing" like dodges and crits.

Many moons ago back in 2008, I chose this adventurer class before forts for completely different reasons than forting. As forts have come along, each class gets a "fort battle bonus". Critical hits (crits) and dodges give you concrete bond rewards when you use them well (100 dodges, passing players out, doing tons of hp damage, etc) all give you bond rewards. It almost feels like us advents were the "unfinished" class (like how Edward Scissorhands was "unfinished" by his inventor/dad) and our ghosts (which are the most random thing in the game and not determined by any ability to move skill/attribute points around or wear any kind of gear) are very unpredictable. Don't get me wrong, after a while you can sort of tell when you ghosted (sort of) and when you do it on the flag it produces a great feeling. But I humbly ask, can you please "finish" the ghosting fort battle bonus for us? Can you make it related to gear, skill and attribute points? Can our bonus be more than just a "fart" that makes a cloud so the enemy cannot see us? (sometimes that is what it seems like...our character gets "anxious" as it enters the flag square, or new spot and may "fart" a cloud so we are invisible and the folks around us get hit.

There are a lot of ways you could go to make this maybe the coolest fort bonus. As we wait for good adventurer attack fort gear, this would be a GREAT improvement.