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These ideas come from the minor ideas thread. We shall not be voting on these ideas, as that would be to time consuming. However if you have any last minute suggestions or criticisms here is the place to voice them. Otherwise these ideas shall be presented to the developers like any other idea unless there are any comments stating why they shouldn't.

Please note some of the posts were modified to include comments that were posted and I also reformatted/reworded posts to meet posting guidelines.

Ive made a notation in the minor ideas where Minor Ideas #7 stops and Minor Ideas #8 will begin. So keep submitting.

Please state the # of any idea you do or don't like:


Title: More Recent Battles History
Add more continued on pages to the "Recent Battles tab" - approximately 10 more, listing the records of about 100 battles would be perfect

I've been frustrated with the Fort tab "Most recent battles" - there are only 10 battles listed there. On newer worlds like 10 and 14, where mass attacks happen - one day there were 23 battles on W10, and only 10 were listed and the remaining 13 were left unaccounted for. It was then tough luck in finding out what happened in the other battles and good luck trying to figure out which graveyards to search.

Title: Hyperlink and Sort town names in Town Forum Management and Alliance Town Management screen
Concept: I'd like to see the town names that have accepted or pending to accept in the subsection of "Invited foreign towns" to be hyper-linked with the actual town name. Also ability to sort them to see if you missed a town that is already invited or not.
Visual Aid:

Area in yellow needs to be hyperlinked and sortable in abc order

Area in yellow needs to be hyperlinked and sortable in abc order

Area in yellow needs to be hyperlinked and sortable in abc order


Title: Marking Alliance Forts in the color PURPLE
Concept: RED for foreign forts, BLUE representing a fort you own, or part of. Suggest PURPLE forts to be coded for Alliance forts.

Since the 1.29 update you can sleep for free in any fort belonging to a town with which you have alliance.

Right now forts on the map are either Red representing foreign forts or BLUE representing your own forts. Before the update, the solution was simple... BLUE forts you could sleep in, red you couldn't. Now you can actually sleep in some of the RED forts making them different from other RED forts.

So maybe we should get additional markings on that map for such a fort so we could know which fort are those... maybe by using PURPLE?


Title: Bounty Hunter Notification

Concept: Send a confirmation report to the purchaser of the poster that the bounty has been collected.

With 1.29 we had Bounties introduced to the game. So you go to Sheriff's office, you post a bounty on someone and then... nothing. Your bounty might get collected but you will never know about it. Unless you go to that players profile and check if he still have a Wanted line in his profile or through the sheriffs office.

It would be nice to get a little report saying "Your bounty for player XYZ was apprehended.", something similar to what we get when our auction is completed. Getting an actual report of the fight would be a nice bonus but it's not that important... just knowing that someone got the person you posted bounty on is enough.

Incentive: This would keep people interested in bounty posters and keep using the feature over and over.


Alliance before dueling for on the spot duels.
Concept: Add an icon or a representation to indicate that the player is part of your alliance.

On players profile show a marking to represent in your alliance and in the screen for players location. This saves you from clicking on the button to duel only to be alerted "Are you sure you want to duel this person?" This way I'd rather see this than try to duel players I can't, which so many alliance it's hard to keep up

Visual Aid:


Topic: Fort Battle Distance
Concept: For fort battle include the distance from how far away you are from your current location.
Also Change the Fort Battle time to be the same as that of the server time in 24 hr format.

Reason: It allows for people to quickly glance at the fort overiew screen and choose the nearest fort to go to. And changing the time format allows people to go by the posted server time on screen vs correctly adding 12 hours to the time and accidentally being wrong and missing the fort battle time.

Idea title: Make reports visible to alliance members.
Details of idea: In the access restrictions to reports we could have an "alliance" restriction. "The alliance members can see this report". So that we could share the details with members of other towns belonging to the same alliance. Since we have chat and market restrictions for those same people.
Solution: Rename Forts restriction to Alliance and setup the existing forts code to use the Alliance code.

Reasons for submitting:Would make it easier to share reports with other alliance members without having to make it public where everyone can see.

Title: Job reports in 24 hour clock format
Details of idea: I would like to suggest that job reports show the military (24hr) time in sync with what the server uses or have the server time shown in AM/PM time to match the job reports. Either/or it doesnt matter as long as they match and are in sync.

Reasons for submitting: Frustrated with having to convert time all the time.
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all are great,

in #4 add, when a item is sold send the name of person who bought your thing. since it is almost the same concept and it will be good if it went with #4.


idea #6 it's the best!

I hate so much when i can't see the distance


I especially love the idea about showing the time to get to fort battles. I can be such a hustle to search it the long way.
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