Passed Minor Ideas #3

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These ideas come from the minor ideas thread. We shall not be voting on these ideas, as that would be to time consuming. However if you have any last minute suggestions or criticisms here is the place to voice them. Otherwise these ideas shall be presented to the developers like any other idea.

These minor ideas come from the first few pages of the thread, so don't give up hope if your idea hasn't made it here! So here's the list:
  1. Mass mail to battle participants

    Simple idea, that I havent found on forum yet (at least I hope):

    Founder or councilor of town that owns fort has ability to send mass mail to his/hers fort battle participants...

    In window that opens and shows all players that are participating your side, there is "Send mass mail" button which open new message with all participants included in receiver text box
  2. Battle Recruit List Sorting

    It would be very useful to also be able to sort the Battle Recruit List alphabetically on Character Name as well as Town Name (i.e. one or the other, switching between them as desired).

    Does it meet the guidelines?: Yes.

    Has the idea been posted before?: No.

    Reasons for submitting: It is necessary for (e.g.) more swiftly assigning priority to players logging in to a third-party chat room (and thereby demonstrating that they are Online for the battle and ready to follow instructions). Battle priority is often promised to Online players in advance, but those last ten minutes or so before a battle starts can be very frantic - especially for large battles. It needs to be much easier / quicker to find these Character Names in the Battle Recruits List.
  3. Dueling Rank added on players profiles.

    Details: This is a pretty simple idea, so far on profiles we have Class, Level, Dueling Level and Rank. However there is no Dueling Rank which is just as important to know whether the person you intend to duel is a high ranked one, it should be easy to implement and there is plenty of space below Rank.

    Does it meet the guidelines?: Yes

    Has the idea been posted before?: Not that I can see.

    Reasons for submitting: This seems like a helpful idea which I haven't seen mentioned on these boards before, it would save time as instead of going through the process of going to the records, then to duel rankings and typing the name down you can just view it on their profile.
  4. Flashing Quest Notifacation

    Well, I accept quests and never finish them. Sometimes a never go to the quest book for at least 1-2 weeks on some accounts. I think it would be helpful if their was a question mark that showed up next to the quest tab Or it flashes (Like when you have a new telegram or Report), Telling you that you have a quest complete.
  5. For the love of god, please add an "hour and 30 minutes" option to the work time selection list. For 18 energy of course.
  6. So far only your own town is shown on the minimap at the bottom right of the map screen. Like this:

    Showing your town's forts would be a small update there. I'm talking about your town's own, but also the allied forts. This way you can find places to sleep a lot easier without having to go through the list with forts all the time.

    This is especially handy if your town is a member in like 10 forts. This way you can see where they are a lot quicker!

    It would look like this:

    On the big map you also can't see which forts are allied and which are not. Maybe these forts could be made blue, just like your town is on the (mini)map.

    Translation by Muf-Muf
  7. When giving stars out in fort battle need to have something that tells you how many you have given out so you dont have to count them one by one.

    Its hard to keep track of how many that you have given out.
  8. Maybe a town/fort finder if there isnt one
  9. Idea title: Adaptable ranking search

    Details of idea: Whilst looking at normal rankings for a town or a player you have the option to scroll up or down to view the above/below 15 ranks (where possible). I'd simply like the option of doing so when you 'Search' for a town or player, as often there will be more than 15 results, but you can only see the top 15.

    Does it meet the guidelines?: Yes/No

    Has the idea been posted before?: Yes/No (Not as far as I am aware)

    Reasons for submitting: It will make it much easier to find/follow players and towns. More specifically it will make it much easier to keep track of all towns in an 'alliance' or 'coalition'.
  10. Details of idea: Adding a simple timer to the church menu so you can see how long you'll have to walk to get there. Pretty much all buildings where you can walk to have such timers, except the church.
    Visual Aid:

    Does it meet the guidelines?: Yes/No
    Has the idea been posted before?: Yes/No (not as far as I know)
    Reasons for submitting: Well, as I said a few lines back, shops, hotel, sign post and all jobs got such timers, except for the church. So why not add it to the church as well? I think it'd be only a few lines of coding, so the idea is pretty simple.
  11. Idea title: Center map on a queued job

    Details of idea:
    Present limitation: Right now if you are working job and have another one queued, there's no way to know where the queued job (or hotel) is. You can only center the map on the job you are currently working.

    Suggested idea: Make it so if you click on the job in the queue it will center the map on that job.

    Reasons for submitting: Enhace gameplay.
  12. Idea title: Dual Rankings
    Details of idea: My Idea is to sort the duel rankings in multiple ways.
    You can sort it by:
    Experience, Won/Lost battles, difference between won & lost battles and your duel level
    Does it meet the guidelines?: Yes/No
    Has the idea been posted before?: Yes/No
    Reasons for submitting: This way you can also see you're ranking on your dual level and your amount of won duels and not only on the amount of experience you've gained.

    Dutch topic:
  13. Hello all,

    I've introduced this idea at the dutch forum, at this topic and they really want to have it added to the game.
    My English is not that bad, but you'll sometimes found some mistakes, I'm sorry about that.

    My idea is quite simple, but it seems useful.

    When you are in a town, and you're inactive, you get a yellow ball after 2 days of inactivity, after 7 days of inactivity you get a red ball for your name.

    If you keep this the same for other members of that town, but make for the owners visible when the person last logged on (only the date).

    So you would also know when someone has been inactive 20 days or 4, so you have a clearer picture.

    Here is a preview:
    (Don't forget that the names are made invisible)
    Translation: Last logged on at: 28 January 2010

    I like to hear your opinion.

    Ridder Rve, from the Netherlands


I haven't got a complaint to any of the ideas, SEND THEM IN! LET US VOTE!


Idea 6 is the best one up there. Good Ideas in general guys. Nice work.


All great, #12 is the one I want to see. I have always wanted to know who are the players with the best win-loss ratio.


so far their is no objections, every single one is wanted and liked, although some liked more than others, how long does this discussion period last?


#5 won't happen because it's not necessary with premium automation, with which you can queue 1 hour, 30 mins, sleep, and then another walk if you have to.


okay, take that out we're good to go!

no offense, but i agree with some of the stuff of how this game is getting boring, we do need some new and exciting things, not new worlds, BETTER worlds.


Not really a new one just better ones, if you want to fix your mistakes, just start over on the world you're in.


we need both new and better world

it allows new players like me to correct my mistakes
Mistakes can be corrected by joining one of the active worlds and play there (I advice you join w1, w2, w11, others don't deserve the effort).


we need both new and better world

it allows new players like me to correct my mistakes
Not the place for new suggestions, but zet has said that running completely different versions of the game is out of the question. Some variation could be given with server settings, and I suppose that could apply to things like new classes as well, but any major difference in game mechanics is impossible.


All good ideas.
To me suggestion number 6 makes the most sense. If, in a next step it could also mark fort battles, that would be very handy. Although I doubt that situations like last week on w1 often happen where you wind up with more than 10 fort battles happening during one evening.


yeah that would be even better ... those crazy fort fighting days/weekends happen quite often on some worlds and an overview of where the battles where set would certainly help :)
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