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Good Feather

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These ideas come from the minor ideas thread. We shall not be voting on these ideas, as that would be to time consuming. However if you have any last minute suggestions or criticisms here is the place to voice them. Please note these are just the ideas as they were submitted. You still have a voice to say yea or na. If no opposition to these ideas after one week then they shall be presented to the developers like any other idea unless there are any comments stating why they shouldn't.

Please note some of the posts were modified to include comments that were posted and I also reformatted/reworded posts to meet posting guidelines.

Ive made a notation in the minor ideas where Minor Ideas #13 stops and Minor Ideas #14 will begin. So keep submitting.

Please state the # of any idea you do or don't like: While you may have made comments when the post was submitted, those comments will need to be voiced now if you still feel the same way about a comment.


1. - not enough demand apparently after reviewing the comments.
Idea title: Simple Changing of que order
Details of idea: Make it so that a player can change the order of the jobs in his/her que list by simply dragging the icon up or down. Or instead having up/down buttons next to the job while it is in the que.
Does it meet the guidelines?: Yes/No
Has the idea been posted before?: Yes/No
Reasons for submitting: It can be a hassle to rearrange jobs in the current system. You have to delete jobs, add the job you want, then go through and add the jobs you deleted back into the que. It would simplify and improve gameplay.
Idea title: Fort Maneuver Health
Details of idea: All players who enter a fort maneuver can have their health filled for that maneuver.
Visual Aid: Optional, only add if necessary to convey the idea.
Reasons for submitting: Maneuvers are often ran after a battle for testing purposes and people are out of health, so it becomes harder to test. Hopefully this is minor as I am not sure of coding requirements to fill the health temporarily for a maneuver.
Idea : Route location, planner
Details: To save having to do 6 clicks either add the square to link the town or when you click on the distance time which brings up the town. Allow the background to refresh and take you to that county aswell, then your only 1 click from mini map to see which direction the town is at.
Image :

Reason: To save time checking where a town is to see if it's along my way or going out my way.
I just counted and depending how you do it , it's either 2 clicks or 3 clicks now thats got to be better than 6 clicks right ?
4.not enough demand apparently after reviewing the comments.

Idea title: Allies see Member Online Icon
Details of idea: Creating an Icon which shows the town members know whether they are online or offline.
Visual Aid: I guess just a green and a red button.
Reasons for submitting: Players would know who are online and who are offline.A player without town sent a message to a founder who couldn't answer in a long time.A town founder wants to share a forum of another town but doesn't know which founder is online and which is offline.

Idea title:
Accept or Decline Daily Login XP Bonus.
Details of idea: The idea is to give the option of declining the bonus so you don't level. Ideally we'll get the bonus next time we login (unless we don't login again before the end of the day), but I'd settle for losing it entirely to avoid wasting energy.
Visual Aid:

Reasons for submitting: I've had too many times where the daily login bonus has caused me to level with full energy at the beginning of the day, completely wasting the free energy refill.
6. not enough demand apparently after reviewing the comments.

Idea title: Who accepted the fort invitation?
Details of idea: The idea is for it to become known to the other hats in town, who accepted an invitation to join a fort which your town was invited in to, and also who accepted the invitation to join one of your own forts, which you sent out to another town.
Reasons for submitting: As it is now, every hat in town gets a report saying "<player name> has invited your town to the fort '<fort name>'." (when you are invited) and one going "The town <town name> has accepted the invitation to join your fort!" (when you invite someone). And that's it. There's no chance for the other hats in town, to see who accepted the invitation, and when you invite someone and they accept you dont get notified who it was that accepted the invite.

SOLUTION: Im thinking this could easily be solved by creating a report saying something like "The player <player name> has accepted your towns' invitation to the fort <fort name>" (which every other hat in town would then get, when a hat accepts an invitation.) And when another town accepts the invitation you sent them, the name of the person who accepted it, could easily be added to the report which you already get. "The player <player name> from the town <town name> has accepted the invitation to join your fort"


Idea title: Quantity Selling.

Details of idea: Quantity selling.Yes the word says it all.we know In 1.31 update.Products like wood,pocket watches are going to be auctionable.So people can sell these things not in one but can also sell in quantity so If I want to sell one thing in much quantity like wood.
currently its very hectic to sell (For eg.5 or 6 Nos of Wood)
Visual Aid:

Reasons for submitting: Its enhances the gameplay & may help people in selling items
some thought it was good, others thought it was unnecesary complications

that buttons made to scroll through the players be made
Current Workaround
n/a as there arent any buttons
it was drawn to my attention after atempting to search through all players whoes names begin with U (personal matters :p) and i noticed u may only view the top 15 and may not scroll down...
Abuse Prevention
when searching for a person you will be able to type abit of ther name and find them with out having to look through the whole player list....

Idea title:
Switch Rotten eggs and Death's scythe paper-doll locations only.
Details of idea: Make rotten eggs a gun/fort weapon/left-handed weapon and death's scythe a dueling weapon (melee). Quests would remain the same. Just the location of the 2 items would swap.
Visual Aid:

Reasons for submitting: Someone said it in game as a joke (sorry, I've already forgotten who said it) for the aesthetic appeal of attacking a fort with rotten eggs. I can think of two other reasons. 1. There are no melee fort weapons. Ignoring any other realism issues in fort battles, it makes no sense to hit someone 20 squares away with a scythe. 2. Rotten eggs have no bonuses, so there will be much fewer incidents of people forgetting to remove them before a battle because they wanted that whopping +5 LP and +1 to all dueling skills.
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Galen M

daily login bonus decline option is best idea in here.
yes, I'm sure that is every zero motivation dueler's wet dream :p

As for me:

#1 I like, but I'm not sure how that would effect travel time, especially if you have to travel to 2 or 3 places on your queue.
#2-3 both good ideas
#4 how is that different than just checking to see who's in alliance chat?
#5 only if the bonus is automatically applied at 23:59 if not yet accepted
#6 seems kinda pointless
#7 love this idea
#8 don't understand what this is suggesting
#9 ABSOLUTELY NOT, it's nice to own a left hand item with bonuses.
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1. Simple Changing of queue order: I'd use it, but it wouldn't bother me if it was never implemented.

2. Fort Maneuver Health: absolutely. With a real battle, it's worth using cookies etc, but obviously that's completely wasteful. If you're using it for practice, you need full health to simulate a real battle without wasting usable items. Plus half of maneuvers seem to be immediately after a battle when everyone is busy healing and can't do anything else. I could see possibly making it a maneuver setting as well, with a checkbox to enable Full Health.

3. Route location, planner: something needs to be done with this. The whole market inferface isn't very user friendly. Another option so save clicks would be adding a signpost icon to Offers/Bids.

4. Allies see Member Online Icon: Not interested. Way too many people are online all the time, even if they're afk for hours at a time. I just don't think this would be incredibly helpful.

5. Accept or Decline Daily Login XP Bonus: Awesome

6. Who accepted the fort invitation? I don't really see the point of this one. Sure, why not, add it, it probably wouldn't be much trouble to implement, but it doesn't seem incredibly useful.

7. Quantity Selling: absolutely and ASAP. Squeeze this one into 1.31 when all job products become auctionable.

8. that buttons made to scroll through the players be made: Yeah, this should have been implemented a long time ago, assuming it means what I think it means, i.e. giving more than 15 search results when searching for a player (or town).

9. Switch Rotten eggs and Death's scythe placeholder locations only. This is about the most minor idea in the history of minor ideas, but it seems so logical. Was your edit a typo? Paper doll seems like term you're looking for rather than placeholder.

TJ Tuttle

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#4 absolutely NOT.

There are way to many ways this can be abused for dueling purposes and just because you are in an alliance with someone does not mean you will not be dueled by them.

When you factor in the fact that alliances are constantly shifting and ending the possibility for abuse increases.


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#8 don't understand what this is suggesting
8. that buttons made to scroll through the players be made: Yeah, this should have been implemented a long time ago, assuming it means what I think it means, i.e. giving more than 15 search results when searching for a player (or town).
I don't blame you Galen, I also had trouble deciphering it. But I think Elmyr is right and if so it should be implemented.

I also think all these minor ideas should be implemented, possibly with the exception of number 4. I don't see the point in it whatsoever.

Good Feather

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Alright #4 looks like it needs to be reworked...

I'll strike that one out.

and oh I've offended the almighty Elmyr... whatever shall I do Paper-doll (sounds kinda girly to be honest) text inserted
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100% Yes.


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Yes to all.

1,3,5,7 especially..

9 I'll agree with if the +1 all attributes isn't taking away from the Scythe and if it is, then it should be added to the eggs.


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#9 is just a pic interchange(along with the name) and everything remains as it is
all are good ideas now :)

I just had a thought on the 1
What if you got 2 walks queued up and you switch order after sometime when walk 1 has started
does both set back to zero( meaning you return back to the starting place and continue even though the walks were like 1)3 hours followed by 2)10 min
and same about the sleep :(
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#9 i say no. it is a big idea will effect everyone. i suggest you, good feather treat this as major then minor by polls.

#1, 3, 5 7 are the once i like the most. they are great and i support all the way.

rest are all-right but i am not crazy about them.


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okej to all ex 9. Switch Rotten eggs and Death's scythe placeholder locations only. This is about the most minor idea in the history of minor ideas, but it seems so logical. Was your edit a typo? Paper doll seems like term you're looking for rather than placeholder.

death scythe as fire arm or mele ? no to this becuse of ap points on the death scythe.

tanks niklas81


Without reading others' comments...

1. Similar thing was suggested before and I said no. Why? Because of the halving traveltime premium this would lead to a possible bug or abuse. So again I say - no.

2. Absolutely yes on this one. Currently it's futile to join a maneuver after you die, and it's not fun.

3. I don't see any benefit of this, I'd rather have items sorted by distance. But ok, it won't hurt to add this.

4. Will be reworked, right?

5. No to this. An entropy is a fun element of life. The game shouldn't know when you'll be online and then adapt to you. You of course shouldn't try to adapt to it, RL is more important. But I like it in it's current state, you get the bonus like it or not. And thus you can't stay level 10 for ages. To be forever young is something for a fantasy setting, not for the west. ;)

6. Not needed, really. It won't hurt to add this one too, but... I don't see possible benefits you get from this.

7. No to this. It will confuse players plus there is a certain cap on items you can place on the market, but by adding this feature that cap could be avoided if you're selling items of the same type.

8. I had the same problem, and not just once, so absolutely yes on this one.

9. No because I want to be ranged duelist and spread some more stench around than I usually do. :)


#9: My mockup should have shown the attribute bonuses on the scythe, which was half my reason for suggesting it, so idiots would quit ruining fort battles by having their scythe equipped.


Hmmm. Elmyr... You're too optimistic. There will always be idiots.
But since it really doesn't change the game much... Let's trade. I say yes on your #9 and you as a favor completely remove the help-zeromots-not-to-levelup #5. :)


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1. Queue order. Yes. I like it
2. Maneuver health. Yes. Genius!
3. Market distance planner. Yes, I guess.
4. Online allies. No. Doesn't the chat currently show online allies?
5. Daily login. No. Maybe an accept or delay 5 minutes options.
6. Fort invitation accept. Yes, I guess.
7. Multiple market. Yes, good idea.
8. Player search scroll. Yes. Now, if not sooner. Although searching for more then just 1 letter might help.
9. Eggs for Scythe. No. People will just show up to fort fight with rotten eggs instead of a scythe, and whats worse is my duels will be done with a scythe.


1.Yeah why not?
2.Yeah!Maneuvers are always fun.
3. Yeah sounds good.
4. I meant to show it on Town>Town Members place so that you don't have to find people names like in a dictionary or phonebook.Yes from me!(duh)
5. I really don't need it.But if it is need by most of the guys,do it.
6. Big deal.No.
7. Yes.It can be really useful in Version 1.31 where Crafting and Item selling comes.
8. Hmm.. Yes.
9. I hope the add some of AP to them.Otherwise,makes sense.

More ideas please GF!

Good Feather

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all ideas submitted, with exception to 1 4 & 6 were not. After reviewing the comments from about 10 people I was able to get a general consensus of what wasnt liked or liked.

Thanks and keep submitting ideas in the minor ideas section.
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