Minor Idea - Market indicator for sales

Good Feather

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Proposal to add Indicator of type of Market Purchase
In trying to obtain my Alliance/Town Market achievements. I have found that when you sort the market on Town/Alliance it counts as a worldwide market purchase because that is how the seller listed it. Regardless if we are townmates the purchase counts as a worldwide market purchase... making it tougher to get the Town Buyer or Alliance Buyer achievement.

Current Workaround
Ask your town mates to list items and be sure to sell to the town/alliance.

Add a visual indicator to let you the seller or the buyer know that the sale/purchase will be counted toward a Town or an Alliance purchase.

Abuse Prevention
None seen at this time as this is to assist players in getting game related goals.

Visual Aids

Mock up:


i like it..would be nice to able see quickly if players did it correctly