minor change to 'the campaign'


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I am at present trying to complete the duelling part of 'the campaign' quest. it has a time limit, as do the other 2 choices in this part of the quest. i am proposing that all quests, that have time limits to completion, be altered slightly so that the time for the end of the quest is shown.

as it stands the quest part I am doing shows it has a 56 hour time limit but after the time is up it starts to show the time left as a negative number. I would like to see it show the timer from the beginning in the quest showing time left to complete. this would mean that if a player is struggling and loses time s/he can look at the time left and decide if it needs to be restarted or if it can be completed in the time left.

just that slight difference that could make a big difference in playing.

it goes not change the quest, it has no work around, no cheating is possible, makes the quest a little better and possibly easier to complete.

if you need it in a different format just say and I will sort it out.