Migrating out of Arizona to 2.0


I got a message today in my Reports, strangely written in German. (why german?? :blink: i don't think they speak german in Arizona)
Frohe Botschaft!

Deiner Stadt wurde das Privileg zugesprochen auf die neue Karte umzusiedeln.

Bitte gehe in die Stadthalle -> Stadtreservierung und gebe die Wunschkoordinaten des neuen Stadtplatzes ein. Wenn du nichts einträgst, wird der Sheriff entscheiden, wo ihr euer neues Zuhause finden werdet.

Wir sehen uns drüben!
I had to go use an online translator to figure out what it meant (thank goodness for web translators)

translation said:
Glad tidings!

The privilege was given to your city to relocate to the new card.

Please go to the City Hall > city reservation and enter the desired coordinates of the new square. If you enter nothing, the Sheriff will decide where you will find your new home.

We look over there!

I've gone to the Town Hall in my town and i don't see any options or tabs resembling anything like City Reservation.

Could i get some help figuring this out, please?

Thank you,


If you're a founder, the last town hall tab is "Town Reservation". Town migration isn't out of the world though, it's picking a new spot on the current world.

Edit: I'm not sure what happens if your town is ranked too low though. If you have no tab or if it just doesn't work.
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Thank you, i found it now. Didn't realize the tabs scrolled right.

Much appreciated!


I seem to have lost my town. I've been migrated to Arizona 2.0 but struggling with the interface - but I would like my town back! I can see I have some deposit in the bank (top bar) but otherwise I can't find it on the mini map. Anyone help?