Discussion in 'Questions & Guides' started by Nuke911, Sep 18, 2008.

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  1. Nuke911

    Nuke911 Guest

    OK, say if Hightower makes a "tribe/town" and then i make a "tribe/town" later on say if i have 5 members and hightower has 5 members but there town can hold 10 are we able to merge??

    also are we able to kick inactive members somehow?
  2. Whirly

    Whirly Guest

    Well this is an original idea, isn't it ;-)
  3. teh-poof

    teh-poof Guest

    perfectly original

    and yea i bet you can do that

    same as how you do in TW i suspect
  4. Dowsy

    Dowsy Guest

  5. merges ftw!!!

    just joking...
  6. Hightower

    Hightower Guest

    you can kick inactive members, but you can't merge the towns, you can have all the players leave one town and go to another.
  7. Cpt. Marryat

    Cpt. Marryat Guest

    Can you 'disband' Towns so that they return to the 'Found Town' icon again?
  8. Hightower

    Hightower Guest

    I never saw it happen, but supposedly if all of you leave the town, it turns into a ghost town. Anyone can come along and restart it for a fee.
  9. White Horse

    White Horse Guest

    can you have more than 1 village?
  10. Hightower

    Hightower Guest

  11. Cpt. Marryat

    Cpt. Marryat Guest

    The 10 letter rule is just silly, is there any way it could be reduced to 5?
  12. Westy

    Westy Guest

    But there are lots of upgrades for the town you buy I believe. Remember its a totally different structure to Tribal wars, the aim isn't to go out and noble peoples towns.
  13. Benson Hedge

    Benson Hedge Guest

    which sort of sucks. :rolleyes:
  14. Benson Hedge

    Benson Hedge Guest

    havent quoted my hero today.
    Now I have.

    And I do agree with that.
  15. Imoen

    Imoen Guest

    OK, so if you can't capture more towns then what is the goal of the game to "win"?
  16. blestemat

    blestemat Guest

    ranking i gues. that sucks kind of. will there be wars like in tw?
  17. AnubisZOE

    AnubisZOE Guest