Feedback Merging Markets with International servers


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1) name and email has to be different - you can't merge 2 existing accounts together. You have to change email and name, if you allready have an account on .net, and your local market is moving to the international market
2) Yes, more markets will move here, hopefully another one will come this year, but its not completely planned yet :-))
Since more markets are closing, doesn't that mean our own deadworlds should close, if not much revival was made by migrating these dying markets?


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for what it's worth, every market is dying, and they are coming here to play on Colorado, because it's known amongst the West community as the world with the best battles.

The trend is very much that people are still willing to leave their characters behind and start fresh on a PvP world, which I guess shows them that they don't need to allow migrations from the dead worlds into the one world that might be profitable - they can instead force the player to start a new character, and hopefully spend nuggets on the gambling all over again.

But still, I accept that strategy, what's hard to accept is having high level accounts trapped and spread out over 13 game worlds where only one of them has PvP due to the low populations and activity levels.

The next world that opens should be a migration only world - where we take one of our old accounts from a dead world and give it new life.
Alternate each year between a fresh new world, and a new migration world - give the new worlds time to breathe before 75% of these new-world-njubs move on and 25% of them stop playing because the world they just spent a year grinding on suddenly died because a new one opened. It might give the njub worlds enough time to establish and become long-term, rather than a slow-speed-world that lasts for 1 year and then doesn't close.

Migration World time can also be when other markets are merged into .net, with the choices being Arizona, Colorado (with SP/AP buying enabled because it doesn't matter anymore), and the Migration World.
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