Merging Danish (DK) market with International servers


The West Team
Community Manager

Dear Cowboys and Cowgirls,

We have opened migration from Danish server to International one. We have decided to open migration and merge both markets to give you opportunity to play with more players, participate in our events and get better game experience. No new migration routes will be open on EN at the moment.

This announcement affects players who have character on DK market and also aims to give a proper view for the EN community about the incoming Danish migration.

What does it mean?

Merge means moving players from Danish market to International one. After moving character to International market, your character will be deleted from Danish market. International market supports game in Danish language, you don't have to speak English to play there. You will be able to move your character in a few simple steps, details can be found below. Once the merge is done and all players can experience game on International market, Danish market will be closed and all left characters will be permanently deleted.

When merge will happen?
  • Migration has been opened since May 30rd 2022.
  • You will have at least 2 months to move your accounts to international market.
  • Danish market closing will be announced at least 4 weeks before closing.
How can I move my character?
To move your character you need to follow that simple steps:
  • First you need to merge your account.
    • You will have to choose a nickname and email address which doesn't exist on international market yet.
    • We can guarantee that your current nickname is available there.
    • In this step you can also move your nuggets to the new character.
  • Second step is to merge your characters.
    • You have to move each character separately by login to your world and selecting a destination world.
    • After selecting a world you will not be able to login again and change your choice.
  • At the next day you will be able to login to your character on International market.
Where can I move my character?
You can move your character to International market (EN) on the following worlds:
  • Arizona
  • Dakota
  • Fairbank
  • Galveston

Useful information from DK Forums:

What does this mean for the International market?
  • We are going to have a dedicated section for DK players on the forum, with translated announcements and possibility to provide feedback in their native language. We are still in the progress of reordering the forum, if you have any feedback or suggestions please share with us!
  • We kindly ask the communication to still happen in English in public Saloons in order to keep the discussion understandable for everyone, however having special rooms created for other languages is recommended and supported. We ask everyone's cooperation into keeping a friendly environment on our worlds, regardless of the spoken language.
  • The merge process is a longer one, updates in this matter will follow up soon.
Please welcome our new players and have fun together on the International Market!

If you have any questions, feel free to ask in discussion thread.

Your The West Team