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Master Duelers and Fort Fighters needed!


Our town Arsenal has grown considerably as of late and we need more dedicated members to help protect our alliance forts. We need duelers to get out Mortician out of the red.

If you join our town you will find that you are also joining the Coronado Family Alliance. And with that comes many friends and members who are more than willing to help anyone, only for the asking. And will be there fight side by side with you.

Fort fighters will find many battles to attend on a daily basis.

Duelers will have an endless list of potential targets to be found in our forums.

for invitation message me in game gotterdammer


I recently got dismissed from the town of Butterscotch because I blocked Aquamanns TGs. I wasn't aware I had done this ...he sent me a TG under a different name and dismissed me from his town .....whats up with this?? now I am looking for a new town and maybe a little revenge. Please TG me if you need a new person to join your town.


Look at this guy trying to snag members from other people's post. Thanks Curtius, that was very cour·te·ous of you ;)