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I looked for numbers, but all what I can find, is something below

the higher the level the market has, the lower the fee
I'd want to know, what fee is for each market level.

1lvl - xx1 %
2lvl - xx2 %


That can be calculated. There's nothing on the wiki, so we will have to take the time and figure it out. I don't think anybody cared to do it yet and we have to wait until markets reach level 10 in order to finish the calculation, unless there's a pattern.


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Just hope it's not another topic where spoiler is needed as everyone wants to calculate themselves. ;)


I built 4 towns' markets to level 10 on Beta, but never bothered to calculate it. If you really want to put off building it, like in a new world where it's not all built, level 1's fee seems to be huge, level 6 is about 3% and higher levels don't look they drop too much.


I actually took the time to figure it out!!!
So you are in luck and and I only need a nice, cute, cuddly Teddy Bear in return :D

Short version for those in a hurry is LEVEL FIVE is OPTIMAL

There are THREE calculations that need to be made to determine cost.
#1. % of auction fee [or buy now fee, if NO auction] charged.
#2. Slight cost per listing duration cost, ie 1 day, 3 days, etc.
#3. Relationship between the market used to list something and your characters town, ie YOUR town's market, a foreign town's market [when you are a town member], any town market [if you are town-less].

Cost of #1 & #2 [YOUR Town Market Costs]
level 1 = 20%!!!! + $3 per day
level 2 = 10%!!! + ~$1.5 per day
level 3 = 6.7%! + $1 per day
level 4 = 5% + ~$1 per day
level 5 = 4% + ~$1 per day
level 6 = 3.3% + ~$0.5 per day
level 7 = ~2.857% + ~$0.5 per day >>>> See Caveat BELOW
level 8 = 2.5% + minimum per day [$1 @ 1 day, $2 @ 3/4 days, $3 @ 6/7 days]
level 9 = 2.2% + minimum per day
level 10 = 2% + minimum per day

>>>>>NOT 100% sure about level 7 percentage, even for a $100K item, fee doesn't quite match up with lower cost item fees, DEVS might want to double check game code for that level to ensure it is correct. All the other levels the % is EASY to figure out this level it is NOT.

Cost of #3, ie Foreign town market??? or any market if you are townless???
DOUBLE that market's cost, ie 40% @ level 1, 8% @ level 5, 4% @ level 10.



IMHO the % RANGE between level 1 & 10 is FINE, but the way the fee drops is totally UNFAIR, I mean levels 8-10 take roughly 50% of the TOTAL building construction points, yet ONLY "give" a 0.5% savings [2.5% - 2% = 0.5%]. That makes NO SENSE at all.

I would suggest something like:
level 1 20%, than 18%, 16%, 14, 12, 10, 8, 6, 4, and 2% at level 10.

Keeps the same range, but is a LOT more logical, also moves the "sweet spot" much higher in the market level [which encourages towns to max it out sooner rather than later AND forces towns in young / new worlds to decide between completing market and delaying other work OR working on another building and paying a high market fee].

Also have you considered perhaps letting each class of players have a market bonus??? Example:
Soldiers get a 10% discount on all NON-fancy weapons bought at market, ie buy something for $1000 and only pay $900.
Duelers get a 10% discount on all dueling gear, excluding weapons.
Workers get 5% extra for anything they sell, ie if it sells for $1000, they get $1050.
Adventurers get the greater of 1% rate reduction or 20% fee discount on market costs, ie if market fee is 5% they pay 4%, if market rate is 2% they pay 1%.
[Due to character premium doubling %'s may need a bit of adjustment, but you get the idea.]

LASTLY, my "DREAM" Suggestion.
Character bonuses would be something like:
50% fort WALL / Interior Buildings bonus
25% construction point bonus for bank & market [workers usually build, but this would encourage new towns to recruit at least one "trader" that way trader could build bank/market, while workers did the rest of the town / forts].
pays 5% less for all NON-lucky find items bought in store or market, [all store gear & regular sellable job products [excludes Note #1, parasol, Dirt Lump, etc since those are not "regular" job products] [PUBLIC LISTINGS ONLY to avoid abuse]
receives 5% extra for ALL sales, ie for $1000 purchase, receives $1050. [a "market log" -- which should be added anyway -- would PREVENT this feature from being abused, ie repeatedly selling a high $ item back and forth to get the extra money]
Free Market AUTO Deposit [sold item money is auto deposited into bank at no fee regardless of player location] [for character premium also works for ANY cash obtained, ie jobs & dueling]
instant market purchase item pickup [buy an item in a market and pick it up with no travel required] [works when town with item is within 2 map squares east/west of player's map square, ie 5 map squares wide centered on player] [with character premium works with any town on map, ie 10 map squares wide]. [don't need the feature for "sold" items because those are auto deposited, see prior character bonus]

[Due to character premium doubling %'s may need a bit of adjustment, but you get the idea.]
Also BEFORE someone complains the character class has too many bonuses keep in mind that OUTSIDE of the market, they ONLY have ONE Bonus [50% fort wall/interior building bonus]. So yes they have a couple extra bonuses numerically, but they also depend on the world's market as a whole [not just themselves] to make use of their bonuses.
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