You write what you want to buy on the market here.

I'll start. I want to trade Tashunka's Tomahawk for Als belt

Below me


Got it all never mind :)
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I have an iron-clad chest for sale with bidding starting at $17,500 and a buyout of $19,995. The auction ends on April 4th at 2 a.m. Eastern Standard Time.


I've got a nice Fat pile of ca$h for an allan's rifle. If you got one please tele me in game @ Monk3ylogic with your price.


Alright, WTH, is nobody doing merchant or break up gangs on w16? Where are all the saddle pommel recipes? I was in no hurry before since the uncut gems were going to be such a hassle as casually as I was playing w16, but now with the recipe becoming so much easier I really need it now.

Anyway, WTB Instructions: Create gem-studded saddle pommel



who sells me a gun hownda in w1 italian ... gift all the inventory here


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Selling Full Cartwright Set,Doc Horse,Chingachgook pants,Pat F Garret pants,king fisher's full set

Also selling Full Natty Set

Buying Freeman Horse and saddle, freeman jacket and pants

Add in game


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Looking for the El Gringo set but don't have a lot of cash :(

Same IGN as forum.

Also needing Hair Lotion recipe for Tonic Peddler.