Paying extremely well for watchmaker tools recipe !
Also looking for create hip flask recipe & will pay double the price.


I'm looking for a Howdah pistol. I will pay cash, trade a rare item or both. Shoot me a message.

Damned Lucky


can make a good offer for Golden tomahawk, howdah pistol or inno belt :)


looking for howdah and will pay top dollar.mail me ingame


looking for inno belt ) will give a huge amount of items + cash....

also will deal for howdah


WTS Counterfeit Golden Gun

Hello folks!

I have a Counterfeit Golden Gun for sale on World 11. If you are interested, please by all means telegraph me in-game and make me an offer.



Im trading a Innogames Belt, for some other exceedingly rare item(s).
I won't do charity, and I don't need money.

Look in my profile ingame for a list of items im looking for, or ask me ingame.

The belt is sold.
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You wouldn't settle for a pink tutu? ;)
Guess what, I might just give you the belt if you put that Tutu on. And fight a fort battle with it. :laugh:
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Guess what, I might just give you the belt if you put that Tutu on. And fight a fort battle with it. :laugh:

This might just tempt me to migrate to World 11... I'll fight in my tutu for an Innogames belt any day :p


I need these Items for quest
2 Turkey $200
3 Corn $125
1 saddle $400
So if you have all of these you get $725
Please Message me if you have any of these message Da Killer568 on World 11
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want harmonica's knee breaches

want to buy harmonica's knee breaches.....

Please drop me a message if you have one to sell


Actually for sale on market Counterfeit Golden Colt ! Cheers !


A little update. Added a few more items.

I have a few items id like to trade away:

I can trade multiple items for one, or\and add money, depending on what item we are trading for.

- Cochise's Leather Pants
- George Crook's Army Pants
- Billy the Kids Pants
- Bob the Builders Pants
- Cheyenne's Fur Pants
- Boon's Axe
- Nat's Machete
- Athos's Foil
- Youngers Revolver
- Counterfeit Golden Gun
- Recipie: Cook the Hottest Chilli In the West

Items im looking for:
- Billy's Peacemaker
- Jesse James' Schofield
- Sniper Rifle
- Golden Tomahawk
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anyone interested in Stranger's colt?
looking for al swearengen's

mail me ingame...


I'm looking for a Brew Goulash recipe. Anyone out there have one to sell? Send me an IGM.

Damned Lucky


I want a Boone's axe. Please contact me in game. Paying well.


Looking for Golden Tomahawk. Message me ingame with what you would like for it.