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Idea title: Market whislist
Details of idea: A new tab included in the market screen that allows you to create a list of item/products you want to buy from the market.Let`s say you are looking for Elfego Baca`s Pants .In your own whislist you put those pants.When checking the market you don`t have to go to click buy/pants then scroll down or type in the search bar ,instead you go to your whislist or custom tab (whatever you want to call it :)) and just click on the item you want and the result will come on main page of the market screen.In order to create such a list a new tab can be created in the upper side of the market screen near marketmap tab containing all the items in the game.Clicking on one item will give the possibility to add it to you wishlis
Visual Aid:

Reasons for submitting:It will speed up a little the search process trough the market and you don`t have to search every day if that item that you are looking for it`s there or not :)
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The voting process for this idea has ended. Since the approval rating is above 80%, the idea will be sent to developers. Congratulations.

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