Market Trading

Jarvis Zarka

Dancer's Dress

Hoping someone would put a dancer's dress up for auction with a reasonable buy out.

After all, it is almost valentine's day ... and I have nothing to wear!

:huh: Jarvis


can anyone put a red top hat on the market at a reasonable price thanks


in need of fancy work shoes i got a hole in my shoes telegram me in-game please


I will buy strong firearm one of these

Ike's Army revolver for 80000$ or
Younger's revolver for 85000$ or
Billy's Peacemaker for 140000$ or
Jesse James' Schofield for 150000$ or
Wyatt Earp's Colt Buntline for 150000$
if you're interested. write to me in the game

john spade

I would like a pair of fancy pants if anyone has a pair they could sell.

I would like a pair of fancy pants if anyone has a pair they could sell.
fancy jeans that is sorry for the misprint
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Hola ,Looking for a blacksmith to fashion me a pan.Drop me a line and let's make a deal.
Good fortune,Happy trails and have Funk.Rollo


Que paso mi amigos,Any peddler got some resin they want to sell? If so hook a brother up.Gracias

Ichabod Stormbringer

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Anyone want to put a canteen or carving board (Master Saddler items) or a cooling cloth (Tonic peddler item) on the market? I'm trying to cool the molten glass I got in The Myth quest.

The resin would be nice too.

Edit: My character just bought the canteen and chopping board today . Thanks for putting them in the market.
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Hello Hello, Is there anybody out there? Hola mi amigos ,I'm trying to acquire a canteen as well as 3 knives.Am more than willing to provide the raw materials necessary as well as a fair amount of cash.If anyone cares to help me along my way just drop a line and lets come to an accord.Thanks kindly,Good fortune,Happy trails and have Funk,Cordially,Rollo


Much thanks for All involved in the manufacturing of the 3 knives I need.My puter is acting funny and I am having a difficult time staying logged in.As soon as glitches are squared away I'll procure said knives.Again mucho gracias,Rollo