Market Buying and Selling


I'm looking for 2 Recipes

- Mix Hair Lotion
- Brew Fine Liqueur

If you got them ore know someone who has.
Please contact me.
I will pay good



Anyone have Rudolph for sale or rent? Please message me in-game.


Mission completed!
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Need will munny's coat and pants.. McJunkin available for exchange


I would like to buy A fish wrapped in newspaper recipe. Please message me in-game if you have one to sell.


Fish Wrapped in Newspaper

Does anyone have the recipe for a fish wrapped in newspaper please? Cash waiting if you have. I'll also give you some of the product once I've created some.

Dizzy White


Hello everybody.

I'm actually looking for :

- Boone's Axe ;
- Freeman's Horse ;
- Freeman's Saddle .

PM me if you have one of these for sell.

Thank you very much in advance.

Dizzy White.

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Howdy folks :)

Looking for the recipe 'Brew goulash'.

Please contact me ingame if you have it to sell.

Thank you,


Hello everyone, don't know if anyone going to see this, but I will give it a try. I am not playing as much as I used to for some time and thought of deleting the account in World 1. I am interested in trading some of the items I have in World 1 with someone who has them in World 12. These items are: William Tilghman's pistol belt, Benjamin Louis Eulalie de Bonnevilles Valenki, Ben Holiday's riding boots, George Crook's army pants, Pat F. Garrett's jeans, Tashunka's Tomahawk, Boone's axe, Allan Quatermain's adventurer knife. I can offer a couple more items to the person who is willing to help such as 3. Key and full soap opera set.
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I would really appreciate someone putting the blacksmith recipe "Create Modern Armor" up for auction.

Thank you for your time.


I would like to buy a pipe brush and shoed hoove. Message me in game. Thanks...
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Big John1970

Looking for Thomas Hart Benton's Fine Belt if anyone has any spares. Looking for more than 1 if anyone has more.
Sorted. Thanks. :)
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Big John1970

If anyone has a spare Cactus Juice recipe, please PM me in-game. Same name. Thanks.
(If you have 2, that'd be great as my friend is also a Field Cook.)