Market Buying and Selling


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I'm looking for 2 Recipes

- Mix Hair Lotion
- Brew Fine Liqueur

If you got them ore know someone who has.
Please contact me.
I will pay good



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Anyone have Rudolph for sale or rent? Please message me in-game.


Mission completed!
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Fish Wrapped in Newspaper

Does anyone have the recipe for a fish wrapped in newspaper please? Cash waiting if you have. I'll also give you some of the product once I've created some.

Dizzy White


Hello everybody.

I'm actually looking for :

- Boone's Axe ;
- Freeman's Horse ;
- Freeman's Saddle .

PM me if you have one of these for sell.

Thank you very much in advance.

Dizzy White.

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Howdy folks :)

Looking for the recipe 'Brew goulash'.

Please contact me ingame if you have it to sell.

Thank you,


Hello everyone, don't know if anyone going to see this, but I will give it a try. I am not playing as much as I used to for some time and thought of deleting the account in World 1. I am interested in trading some of the items I have in World 1 with someone who has them in World 12. These items are: William Tilghman's pistol belt, Benjamin Louis Eulalie de Bonnevilles Valenki, Ben Holiday's riding boots, George Crook's army pants, Pat F. Garrett's jeans, Tashunka's Tomahawk, Boone's axe, Allan Quatermain's adventurer knife. I can offer a couple more items to the person who is willing to help such as 3. Key and full soap opera set.
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I would really appreciate someone putting the blacksmith recipe "Create Modern Armor" up for auction.

Thank you for your time.

Big John1970

Looking for Thomas Hart Benton's Fine Belt if anyone has any spares. Looking for more than 1 if anyone has more.
Sorted. Thanks. :)
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Big John1970

If anyone has a spare Cactus Juice recipe, please PM me in-game. Same name. Thanks.
(If you have 2, that'd be great as my friend is also a Field Cook.)