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king david


The Iceman

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I'm willing to trade Cartwrights Vest in exchange for Doc's Coat
Please message me ingame


I want to buy Bob Builder's overalls, will pay reasonable price. I also have many wood, sulfuric rock, Iron and Silver if you like to have them. PM in game.


Looking to buy or trade for Allan's rifle. Possible trade bait includes Cartwright and Freeman jackets. I have some other crap, too.


1 unused schofield for sale most usefull for the level 67 quest. igm for a very fair price


selling cooking recipe for the hottest chili in the west pm me in game for price. aisea

The Iceman

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I'm looking for 2 Recipes

Mix Hair Lotion
Brew Fine Liqueur

I will pay over the odds for them
Message me ingame to set a price :)

The Iceman

Please remove this post, as I now have my recipes :)
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If anyone still checks this forum..I am in need of a few recipes.
Open a geode, Create modern armor, and watchmaker tools.
Send me tele please, same in game name. Have things to trade, and of course cash to spend on them :)

Mission accomplished. Thanks to all that helped me on my silly crafting adventure.
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for the record, i am still trying to find it. but all i get is stupid useless stuff like hair lotion and spare ribs or gentleman's dinner :(

i was looking for those like 7 months ago for someone else, so with some luck, maybe by the end of the year i'll get geode :hmf:


LOL, thanks dell :) I always seem to find other crafting recipes as well.