Market Buying and Selling


Buying: - Canteens - Oats - Travel bags - Rum - Jugs of Water

Send me a message in game, I play actively and will respond promptly with due haste. Thanks amigos.


is there any way to sell 20 items without putting the same item up 20 times i saw someone do it and can't figure out how!

Jungle Jim

Gingerbread & Sharpened Weapons for sale

I've just put some Gingerbread & Sharpened Weapons on the market at the lowest prices. Message me if you'd like more.


Buying: Crab meat + Rum + Canteen, mail me in game

Paying well.


Need Crab Meat badly :(

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Auctioning: 3. Key - Started at 250,000$, currently up to 300,000$. Don't forget, bid today!

Jungle Jim

Selling Produce Rivets and Create a Hilt, on the market now!

And Jim's Torn Pants (don't worry, I have a spare pair).
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Less than 24 hours on the infamous 3rd Key - for all you golden gun hunters, grab it before its too late


Buying Al Swearengens Eagle belt

In desperate need of this item, Name your price and I will buy it. PM me

Dark Terror

Selling: Annie Oakley's Plaid Pants.

Mail me ingame with an offer.


For Sale
Key 3!
Pm me ingame with offers!
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