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Discussion in 'Ideas & Brainfarts' started by mcjenizaro, Oct 24, 2010.

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  1. mcjenizaro

    mcjenizaro Guest


    A toggle button which allows user to choose wether you want to "see" on the map all people, or just the ones which are within your dueling range.

    Current Workaround

    This is a proposal to enhace the dueling system. Since latest update, Saloon method has become obsolete, since most of the time you loose around 1 hour per duel, since you have to travel A LOT just to find one duel, and when it's over, then travell another hour for the next one, and so on....

    Since update, you can duel people where they are standing, and if you place your mouse over them, you can see if they are duelable or not (red and gold gun appears next to their name)


    Ok, my proposal is to add some sort of toggle button, next to the log out, forums, etc ones. It can be similar to due "duelable" button we already have (the golden gun inside a red circle). What this button will do is to make all people who you just can't duel (lvl too low) dissapear. This will be of great help for duelers, because nowadays 95% of the displayed people in the map cannot be dueled (and im lvl 50ish, I can't imagine how hard it must be for higher lvls).
    With this tool, when you click it, you only have left in the map display the people who can actually be dueled (note, KO'ed still appear), and it will make dueling more efficient, since you won't spend so much time looking for a nearby duel, and best of all, you will not loose tons of time travelling (since you can choose someone who is close to you).

    Abuse Prevention

    I don't sense any abuse, you can currently be seen anyways on the map, this just saves people time

    Visual Aids

    none, my paint skills are really bad


    This will be a great turn up for duels. I've senced people are very dissapointed with dueling since last update, because it's really hard to keep up the dueling rate they used to have before.
    With this tool, active duels can save time, and choose more efficient dueling rutes, adding more "life" to the dueling system.
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  2. That is a good idea :D , in the mean time I still find it easier if you click on big towns saloons and hunt them down , then search the map for dots. Most dont stray too far from home :)
  3. tanatos94ro

    tanatos94ro Guest

    Umm... why don't you just open up the Saloon of the nearby Towns? :| You can still queue a duel from there you know...
  4. mcjenizaro

    mcjenizaro Guest

    Yeah, but you loose lots of time, most of the time the closest saloon member to duel is about 30-40 minutes away, if you add up the 10 minutes duel, that makes an estimate of 45 minutes per duel, once you duel him... another 30 minutes of travelling for a 10 minutes duel and so on... you just waste so much time

    Instead, i look for people on the map, to see if I'm lucky enough to find someone who isn't allied, and is duelable, but i loose so much time because most of the displayed people has a lower dueling lvl, and hence cannot be dueled
  5. tanatos94ro

    tanatos94ro Guest

    If it takes you so much time to find an opponent by manually searching on the map, wouldn't it be more time efficient just to check the saloons?

    Just queue up the duels according to the distance it takes you to get to them.

    For example:

    1st opponent: 30 minutes travel time + 10 minutes = 40 minutes.
    2nd opponent:. Although on the saloon it says 40 min, it will actually be 40 min minus 30 you have already traveled in that direction + 10 = 20 minutes.

    And so on.

    If you are lucky, there will also be a couple of guys just hanging out in their town (usually 3-5). So duel them one after the other, no traveling time.

  6. mcjenizaro

    mcjenizaro Guest

    That would be great if all duelable people in one town all decide to travell in the same direction. The thing is that before update, only one trip was necesary to duel 3-4 people, now, you spend more time travelling than dueling, and instead of just loosing all the time, it's better to just set yourself to work, since nowadays almost noone will duel you, because it's too damm complicated.

    That's the reason im suggesting this implement, to pump up the dueling, that's been stuck like hell since 1,29
  7. VisuVeri

    VisuVeri Guest

    I agree with the idea to!
  8. mcjenizaro

    mcjenizaro Guest

    Yes, but we are not discussing that.

    With this addon, the game would offer duelers another way to find "victims". It will improve the red dot systems, making it an usefull option towards dueling, instead of using the saloon, which has become rather obsolete since update, because quewing up duels from saloon sometimes ends with you travelling all around the map for 2 duels

    EDIT: since update, only times i've been dueled is when i had a bounty on my head, while before the update I couldnt even work a job without being constantly dueled
  9. Good Feather

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    Sep 27, 2009
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    how about this for your idea


    Edit: I just realized the placement of my icon wont work... when you have a fort... it uses the 4th spot.
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  10. mcjenizaro

    mcjenizaro Guest

    Maybe placing a square right next to Map Settings, or similar to Map Settings, but on the left side of the screen

    Or well... making the option appear after lvl 20, and replace the Spot Tutorial Has