Submitted Make potions of a new beginning actionable

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This idea came from the Dutch forum

Having more than one potions of a new beginning is kind of useless (because when you do a reskill, you reskill good right?!). Nonetheless it's possible to get more than one of those potions during events, some of them you won’t use. My proposal is to make those potions actionable just like the most of the items who are useless when you’ve got more of one of.

A green sentence underneath a potion of a new beginning saying: Actionable and thereafter it’s possible to sell it on the market

Abuse Prevention
Some people may abuse this system by buying a potion with a lot of upc’s and after that sell it at the market for a lot of money but that’s already possible by buying chests and sell those at the market.

Visual Aids

It gives the normal The west player the possibility to get rit of a oversupply of potions of a new beginning who he got at for example an event where he hasn’t choose for and paid a lot of money/UPC’s for.

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