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Introduce a 2nd premium button that takes care of picking up all items on the market for nuggets, and make both more clear for everyone

Current Workaround
Atm the pick up all button, if you click it does picks up all goods, but also gives a pop up which asks if you wanna pick up the remainder of products in other towns for nuggets. First of all, this is confusing since it makes people think the pick up all item button is a premium(very expensive one) only function, which isn't the case. Secondly its just bloody annoying

Atm in the current bid window on the right bottom theres a pick up all button, my suggestion is to make 2 more obvious buttons there, one is a pick up all in town button, the other one is a pick up all items you got on the market for nugs option, and maybe if they are sensible they charge 100 nugs for it so people might actually even use it(imagine people with 100's of stuff bought might be willing to pay such an amount for their lazyness)

Abuse Prevention
Whats wrong with abuse, i abuse my townies as slaves all day, so why prevent it!

Visual Aids
i am not as skilled as futu with paint

Introduce 2 different market pick up buttons in the current bid screen so people wont be so bloody annoyed and confused with the pop up asking you for 6k nugs, secondly it makes it able for inno to charge a sensible amount of nugs for a pick up of all products you got on the market

Does this idea meet the Ideas Guidelines & Criteria? no one reads them anyway, but prolly
Does this idea appear on any of the Previously Suggested Ideas List? nope
Does Futu will get harmed by this proposal in any way? sadly not
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Great idea Zeta and this will help me with some of the items I buy outside of town.Change for the better as I see it.


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Two separate pick-up all buttons is a good idea.
One for pick-up all in the town you're currently in with the other being the premium pick-up everything purchased.


There needs to still be a prompt though. I know I'll accidentally click Yes some day, but there's more risk now when it pops up every time you pick up all than there would be with two buttons. Actually, I think I'd like to take it a step further and put it in the premium window instead of the market window.


i do hope rebow also forwards the drawing of futu as visual aid with this idea


It would be a terrible shame if we lost Fufu. He'd get drafted to Inno as a graphics artist.


This idea has passed the vote and will be shipped of to the dev's.
Well done.

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