Luck vs Luck Chance


Haven't found any proper topics in my searches so I'll ask here.

What does the ''luck'' stat from equipment affect? Snow Globe and Gaucho's Set offer luck but the luck value in jobs doesn't seem to change. Does it affect the luck chance aka the odds of an item actually dropping?

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Is there a possibility to check your luck chance in game?
Waaaaayyy back when there used to be a colored luck wheel that would give you a rough idea of luck chance. Now you just need to assume it is somewhere between 0 and 100% and that percent is different on every job.

Wearing luck gear will increase that unknown luck chance by whatever % it says. So if the unknown luck chance for a job is 20% and you equip the snow globe with a luck bonus of +30% your luck chance for that job is now 26%.....30% of 20=6 +20=26.

If your concerned about finding items on a job and not products then any luck chance boost is helpful, if your after more products use a set with increased drop chance % like Smithy's.


IIRC luck only affects the value range of random (ie additional item) drops; it doesn't affect item drop rate/chance (certainly not with 'guaranteed' drops, ie the job's listed items). This is viewable in the job window (change clothes etc & look at that stat change to see how it works).

However I could, as usual, be wrong..